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Nozomi's POV

"Have you heard?"

"She died in a traffic accident"

"Toujou-senpai must be sad right now"

"Her best friend died, who won't be sad for that?"

"Don't let that get you Nozomi" Elicchi grabbed my shoulder while we were walking through the halls of Otonokizaka, documents in our hands, to the Council room.

"What happens if they are true?" I asked her. All of Muse has gone like this with me, trying to get the Nozomi they loved.

"We will be by your side then" All got silent after that.

We are talking about (Y/N)cchi. She is, as the rumors told, my best friend. I met her a little after I met Elicchi but she won a place in my heart almost instantly: Muse doesn't know this fact, the fact that I'm actually in love with that girl.

She was the energetic one in the group, she even defeated our leader in that characteristic. Although, in the moments when we truly need a hand, all of her attitude change into a serious one, a cold one and she was known for being extremely intelligent in that form, all of her plans were really perfect and she got what she wanted. Maybe is because she is the daughter of one of the most intelligent people in the world, her mother is known for being one step of building a human robot with emotions and feelings, capable of thinking and make its own decisions.

(Y/N)cchi disappeared a week ago. She was in the hospital before her disappearance. Apparently she was crossing the street peacefully until a maniac came in his car and launched her over twenty meters until finally stopping.

That day was a weekend, she wasn't known for getting out of her house very often so nobody knows what she was doing.

She passed around a month in the hospital in a critical condition until one day she disappeared from her room. The doctors said that her mother came for her and payed good money for her extraction. When I tried to contact her mother, the number no longer existed and every news programs in the world says that her mother is disappeared and hasn't gone to any of the interviews or meetings she had.

Ever since, nobody knows anything from that family. The teachers tell us that she was fine, that she got to be but the rumors run pretty fast these days.

Finally, we arrived into the room and took our respective seats. Before we could start working, Elicchi passed me a package.

"Isn't this yours?" The package she gave me had my name in it but no other name.

I opened it and the first thing I saw was a big book and an USB inside of it with a little note beside it. Download.

The big book had no cover and just had some numbers and letters written in front, 70 PR0GrAm.

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