Chapter 016: D'Artagnan

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          "So she's basically just like me, except with different powers?" Brynn asked.

"Yeah, basically." Mike stated.

"Was she your girlf-"

"No." Mike said, cutting Brynn off. "Not yet at least."

"Do you have any idea where she is?" Brynn asked.

"No. None at all." Mike said sadly.

"I could try and find her..."

"No." Will said. "It's to dangerous. You got stuck last time, remember?"

"How could I forget?" Brynn asked sarcastically.


The next day...

"Geez, have you seen them?" Joyce asked, desperately searching for her keys. Brynn, Will, Jonathan, and  Bob were all helping her look for them.

"We're looking mom." Jonathan said.

"Yeah, we're looking." Will repeated.

"A-ha! Found them!" Bob yelled from down the hall. Brynn hung the jacket that she was looking in back up and went to the kitchen with the rest of her family. "Hiding under some jeans, sneaky little boogers."

"Thank you, Thank you you're a lifesaver."

"Can you take Will to school today? I cannot be late again." Joyce asked, gesturing to Jonathan.

"He's staying over now?" Jonathan asked, his eyes darting over to Bob.

"Can you just take Will to school? Please?" Joyce asked.

"I can take him." Bob said.

"Will you make sure he gets in okay?"

"Yeah, of course." Bob said. "What do ya say, big guy? Wanna go for a ride in the Bobmobile?" Will just looked at Joyce like she was crazy, but she made him go anyway.

"Oh and Will?" Joyce said, as he was stepping out the door.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"Brynn's gonna come to AV club today to keep an eye on you for me." Joyce said. Will looked at Brynn and she shrugged.

"Okay... Bye." He said, shutting the door behind him.

"Bye sweetie!" Joyce said. Brynn went back into her and Will's room and waited. She passed the time by attempting to do a rubix cube. She was unscrambling it with her mind when Jonathan opened the door.

"Ready to go?" He asked.

"Yeah." Brynn said, getting up and going to the car with Jonathan.


At the school...

               Brynn walked into the AV room and saw the boys, and that girl she saw on Halloween.

"Oh, hey." The girl said. "I remembered I never actually introduced myself, I'm Max." She said, holding out her hand for Brynn to shake it.

"I-I'm Brynn." She said, shaking her hand.

"Guys, come on." Dustin said. They all gathered around a table with a ghostbusters trap on it. Dustin opened the trap to reveal a creature that looked like a blob of goo.

"His name is d'Artagnan." Dustin said. He picked it up and held it on the palm of his hand.

"Cute, Right?"

"Depends on your definition of cute." Brynn said.

"D'Artagnan?" Mike asked.

"Dart for short."

"And he was in your trash...?" Max asked.

"Foraging for food." Dustin said. "Do you wanna hold him?"

"NO, no." Max said, but Dustin placed it in her hands anyway. "Oh god, he's slimy!" She said, passing it to Brynn.

"EWW! Gross! Take it Lucas!" She said, dropping it in Lucas' hands, then wiping hers on her shirt.

"Ugh, It's like a living booger!" Lucas said, passing it to Will.

"Ugh, Oh Lord!" Will said, handing it to Mike, who held it up to his face.

"What... is he?"

"My question exactly." Dustin said. "At first, I thought he was some sort of Pollywog."

"Pollywog?" Brynn and Max said in unison.

"It's another word for a tadpole. A tadpole is the larval stage of a toad-"

"I know what a tadpole is." Max said.

"Okay, then you know that most tadpoles are aquatic, Right? Well Dart isn't, he doesn't need water."

"Yeah, but aren't there nonaquatic pollywogs?" Lucas asked.

"Terrestrial pollywogs? Yep. Two to be exact." Dustin said. "Indirana semipalmata, and the Adenomera andreae."

"Ones from India, ones from South America... But how would it end up in my trash?"

"Maybe some scientists brought it here and it escaped?" Max insisted.

"Do you guys see that?" Mike asked. "Looks like something moving inside of it." Mike got a lamp and shone it on Dart and he screeched, causing everyone around the table to gasp and jump. Dart climbed out of the ball of wires they had and almost fell off the table, but he caught him.

"That... is discusting." Brynn said. "Absolutely... Discusting."

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