Chapter 26: A moment with Kai part one ^_^~

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 Eto na po~ LOL!

ahm~ di naman dahil sya na ang LAST.. eh sya na talaga Si number 1 Bias ko...


there were times na lahat sila number one! Nawawala Listahan ko! Sumiksik lahat sa numero uno~

Kaya nga nakakainis~ T___________T

I love them all~

Super~ Kaya nga~ WE ARE ONE! LOLOLOL ^O^

Okay~ Tama na ang satsat~ HAHAHA~

[Kai's MV and GIF on the multimedia]



"I hope Kai will be okay~" - Baekhyun~

"Yeah~ we are incomplete without him~" -Sehun

"He have to rest.. i feel so sad for him.." - D.O

"That babo~[Stupid] Why is he fond of making others think he's alright for in fact he's not?!" -Chanyeol

"Chill guys~ He'll be alright.. Kai is strong~ " -Suho..

"But wait hyung~.."  Suho to Hyung.

"Yes Suho?" -Hyung

"Sino ang nag-aalaga kay Kai ngayon? Andun ba ang Personal Health Assistant natin? For all i know, andun na silang lahat sa Venue.."

Hyung smiled. his eyes were beaming playfully...

the 5 of them rounded their eyes in horror.


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