Damn. The Lords Have Blessed Me Today.

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"I mean it Charlie! Straight back home once you've finished school or I won't let you drive your car when it gets' back from the garage." Mum stood at the door shouting down at me as I ran down the hill to catch Maisy before she left. Mathew and Jacob were coming round to ours today and it was 'mandatory' that I was home straight away to be there before they came. And I really want my car back.

'It's all about the first image you give people.' Mum said as she sprayed down a surface in the kitchen that she'd already done 5 times before. I wasn't happy in the slightest that they were moving in. If this guy was so rich then why will he be living on our property?

"Maisy!" I yelled as I saw her get into her car. She reversed out of her driveway and beeped her horn twice for me to hurry up. Jumping into the passenger side she drove away immediately and started fiddling with her cd's and put on her favourite Slipknot song. You wouldn't think she liked that type of music with the way she dresses but whenever someone questions her about it she just says ' I like the music, not the uniform.' The only remotely Goth thing she wore were her black combat boots. I had to admit though; she kind of got me hooked as well.

Entering the school car park everyone moved out the way for Maisy to park in her usual spot underneath the biggest tree there. "Badass." I giggled as we got out the car.

"Don't act like you don't love it." She winked at me. Walking through the entrance of the school we separated to go to our lockers. As I strolled down the corridors I couldn't help but notice that everyone was bundled up into small groups and were talking in shushed voices. I tried to stay silent so that I could hear what they were saying without making it obvious that I was listening to their conversations, but it didn't really work. Ah well, I'm sure I'll find out later what all the fuss is about.

Turning a corner the first thing I noticed was someone messing with the things in my locker. What the hell!? From what I could see he was very tall, muscular and had pitch black hair. Why's this dude going through my stuff!

"Oi dickhead! Move yourself."

Mathews POV

"I aint going."

"Jacob why are you being so difficult." I sighed whilst pinching the bridge of my nose.

"I'm not being difficult! I'm being smart. You haven't known the women for long enough dad, and you haven't met her daughter. What if she turns out to be the biggest bitch you’re ever met in your life, huh? What you guna do then? Because I’m not being underneath the same roof with a bitch."

"You're exaderation Jacob and you know you are. Just stop it and leave for school before you’re late."

"I told you dad, I'm. Not. Going!" He stood up and I could he was getting extremely angry.

"Well let’s make this simpler then. If you don't go I'll take your bike away from you, make sure you don't dance for at least a month and ground you for 2 months so you can't go see any of your little girl buddies."


"Yes I can and I will unless you get your ass out that door within the next 10seconds." Hearing the door slam shut I leant into the comfort of my chair. I knew that Jacob wouldn't take well to moving new school with such short notice and to be honest I didn't like it myself but I just wanted to be with my girl. She is everything I could ever want in a woman. I know that deep down that if our children don’t get along, then my relationship with Miranda will never work out.

He'll get through this. I know he will, he has too!

Jacobs POV

"I'm sorry Mr Vegaz but it seems you're going have to share lockers with another pupil. Don't worry though; there are many others that have had to buddy up with someone else as well so it's not like your being singled out." The women hummed to herself as she skimmed down the computer screen. "Ah Charlotte Adamen." She handed me my timetable and scribbled down my locker combination on a piece of paper. "Enjoy your first day dear." She smiled.

Not likely.

I had some time to kill before homeroom started so I decided to locate my locker.

345, 346, 347, 348, 349, ah 350.

I spun in the combination and immediately stepped back. The first thing I noticed was the smell. It smelt like strawberries and kiwi and I stepped forward to get a better smell of it. There were pictures all on the door of the locker of 3 girls. They were all pretty but one caught my eye. She had black hair like mine and the most gorgeous blue eyes I’ve ever seen in my life. Her lips were full and plump and even through pictures they looked so god damn kissable.

She was far sexier than any girl I had ever been with. Damn, I wish this is her locker I'm sharing. I picked up one of the three dog-eared notebooks from the shelf and flicked through it. It seemed to be lyrics. Mhhhh, so she was a singer?

"Oi dickhead, move yourself." Turning around I smirked at the real life body of the girl in the pictures.

Damn. The lords have blessed me today.

"That's not a very nice thing to say to someone who you’re sharing a locker with." I could see her chest moving more and more because of her breathing getting deeper and deeper.

"What!" Her fists were clenched and she looked so fucking hot. My mind was going places that it shouldn't be during school.

"I said that we-"

"I know what you said!" She went silent for a moment before muttering. "What's your name?"

"Jacob." Her eyes went into large orbs.

"Jacob what?"

"Jacob Vegaz." She was freaking me out a little bit now.

"Your Father’s name Mathew?"

"How'd you know all this?" She was about to say something but was cut off by someone shouting.

"Charlie!" She turned around and hugged the girl who I recognized from the photos. WAIT!?

Obviously Charlotte was her real name and Charlie was a nickname but something was trying to click in my head but wasn't getting there. Someone I had been with before perhaps? No, I would remember to my grave being with someone like her.

Then what the hell is it?


"What!? A fiancée'? I didn't even know you were dating?" Staring at the strange man in front of me, he wasn't acting like my dad.

"I am, was. I asked her last night and she said yes. We're meeting her daughter soon."

"There's a daughter!" Oh god, this cannot get any worse.

"Yeah. Her names Charlotte but she likes to be called Charlie. Miranda says she's great . . . once you get to know her."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that she might not take to us kindly. And I’m telling you this because I need to be the bigger man and get on with it."

Ah great.

[End of Flashback]

I stared at this girl and couldn't say a thing but soon I felt my smirk coming back onto my face.

My Stepsister is HOT!