VIII : Grey

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Author : lol who knew i could write kinky stuff I didn't even know Can i? Lol idk

For those who r new to me, i have two more books, Stark's is fucking hilarious, and Diss track wants more reader (even tho I forgot to write that shit all the time), check it out YO

^Disstrack is now gone forever but wrong world is my newest book

You said, "stop playing it safe
Girl, I wanna see you lose control"


Your pov :

He admitted it. He admitted what he want. I knew it all along, it was hard to believe it's true. He want me in a romantic way, i actually don't how to explain that, he doesn't look like romantic kind of person.

And I signed the damn thing.

Stupid (Y/n). Stupid girl. Now he's got a control over you. I told myself to do this for mum and Jason, i don't know what's going to happen from now, i just hope it's not a dead end.

   I have to work at Caulfield's today, and tomorrow at Parker tower. I'm glad Harrison understands me about my a second job, yet he warned me to be careful around Mr.Parker.

   There's the bell. I generally put things in the bag, but Mr.Martell, the same old history teacher that girl students are having a crush on visited me.

   "(Y/n), I believe you owe me a talk."

   "...oh? From yesterday?" Why would he keep messing with me.

   "Yes, c'mere, Let's go to my office." He said, wrapping his arms around my shoulder, i felt very uncomfortable.

   "I have part time job to do..." I nervously told him.

   "It can wait."

   "It cannot."

   He didn't even listen, and dragged me to his office eventually. I sat on the chair i am familiar with, looking at Mr.Martell, wondering what he will talking to waste my time again.

   "Okay. Listen."

   Different. He was different this time.

   "Your score in my class, it's not good."

   What? No way.

   "I did my test well."

   "Not good enough, plus you absent a lot. See, you got to at least have 60 score out of 100, you only have 50, which are all from only tests."

   "What about homework or mini quiz? And every time i absent you always brought me here saying no worry about my score."

   "The score is what a teacher decided and deal with, not students."

   His voice gone cold, i panicked easily.

   "What i'm telling you is that you're overall score is not good, and we can work it out." He said.


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