[17] Kiss & Scare {II}

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Finally, I got a place where I could stay for a while.  The place was locked when I was searching the spot to stay. I felt like a theft entering the house when I broke the lock with the help of rock.

The living room was covered in dust as I lit up the light of the house, it seems no one was living in the house for few months or year. 

Nina was asleep on the couch, she still hasn't made clear about Charlotte, same as I haven't told her about her parents.

I was searching for food in the kitchen, which had few packets of cookies as I popped a cookie in my mouth, I threw it out as soon as I took a bite of it. 

There was a TV in the room, which had only one cartoon channel playing on it, this place was really weird another haunted house, I thought for a second. But the only difference was that this time I was not scared to face the terror

Anne's p.o.v

I was eating my breakfast, Nanna had gone out to church and I was waiting for Derrick to join me and tell me about the thing he was speaking earlier.

"Anne, James Parker ran out from the hospital last night," Jane said, I could hear a lot of shuffling noises from the phone.

"You need to come over here," Jane said.
"Anne, you even listening?"

"Yeah, I'm on my way," I said getting up from the chair.

I left the house immediately. Though right now I was least interested in doing any work related to the Parrel house. But there was something which would always lead to change my decisions.

I parked my car when my phone rang, leading me to hear an angry derrick.

"I will be back at home,"  I replied cutting the call.

Once I enter the office hefty Keynes stood in front of me.

"You are no more needed in the office, Ms. Anne colt, you are fired," Mr. Keynes voice roared inside the office.

Everyone was looking at us, I was knowing the lack of completion this was meant to happen, but getting fired in front of everyone was a different story. The murmur in the room started.

"I... Please..." I was completely lost, no words were coming out.

"It's better you leave the office, Anne," hefty Keynes said going back to his cabin.

"Anne, are you okay?" Jane said making me not my head and leaving the Lakewood Local news building within minutes.

I started my car, I just drove and drive on the lonely roads of Lakewood, something was wrong, not with me but with this whole Calder and Rose burns mystery.

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