My Kind of Lady

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It was on friday night when Phillip attended the music hall to see a choir concert. He bought the ticket one week ago. He was interested because the choir concert was a charity event. All the income from the sold ticket will be donated to the nursinghome.

Phillip sat at the right corner. The first song of the show was We Are The World and he saw someone familiar standing on the middle of the stage. He saw a beautiful blonde lady with a white dress who became a soprano of the choir. It was something unexpected for him that he would meet the bestfriend of his sister, Lona, at this kind of event. He enjoyed every song that was performed by the Lona and all the choir members on that night.

When the concert was well done, Phillip went to see Lona. He saw Lona was receiving so many flowers from some male audience.

"Hi, Lona," Phillip greeted her

"Phillip?" Lona was suprised. Phillip wanted to shook her hand but Lona hands was filled with so many boquets of flower.

"If only I knew that you will perform on this choir concert, I would brought a boquet of flower too. I am sorry, Lona,"

"You do not need to be sorry. Thank you for participating on this charity event," said Lona to Phillip

"Believe me, you have partcipated more than me," said Phillip, "If there is another event like this, please kindly to inform me"

"Sure, I will," Lona controlled herself for being carried away with the charming aura of Phillip.

"You go home with?"Phillip asked

"No one, I went home alone by taxi" Lona answered

"Really? Where is your home? It is not good for a woman to go home alone late at night" said Phillip

"Do not worry. My house is really near from here,"

"Let me take you home then" Philip offered a help "I mean..take you to your home,"

Lona was quite a while and then she said, "I am afraid that it will take much of your time"

"Not at said that your home is near" said Phillip "Come" Phillip quickly reached all the boquet flower on Lona's hand and brought it to his car. Lona just followed the pace of Phillip. Phillip opened the door of his car to let Lona in. Lona bowed her head, "Thank you,"

During their way to Lona's home, Phillip asked some question about Lona experiences with the other members and her bittersweet memories by joining the charity event. Lona answered all Philip's question nervously and kept bowing her head when she talked.

"I think this way is familiar to me," said Phillip about the route to Lona's home. Lona directly remembered about the last night she saw Phillip and Violin.

"Oh, is it?" Lona pretended that she did not know anything. Phillip gave a nod slowly.

When they arrived at Lona's home, Phillip was really suprised that her home was accross the Violin's home. He was more suprised because the beautiful yard that made him mesmerized last night was Lona's. He helped Lona to bring her bouquets of flower into her home.

"I really love it," said Phillip. Lona saw that Phillip could not take his eyes of her flowers in the yard. She frowned and then laugh spontantly.

"Why do you laugh?" Phillip asked

"Oh , I am sorry.." Lona controlled herself " I never heard a man gave a compliment about my flowers,"

"Oh My....I got what you are trying to say. Do you mean that i am a little bit strange?" Phillip said playfully, "That is hurt,"

"I do not mean to say that" Lona replied also in a playful way

"Yes, you mean it!" said Phillip

"No, I do not"

"Yes, you mean it!"

"Noo..i do not"

"Yes, you mean it!"

"You are right" Lona chuckled relaxively. She did not realize that she had adjusted herself to Phillip so easily at sudden. Phillip was pouted at the cute way

"You are the one who force me to say so" said Lona

"Roger...woman is always right!" Phillip could feel that Lona became friendly to him and it made him happy. He then continued "I even have these on my private garden,"

Lona smiled brightly ,"Oh, Sure?"

"Hmm...just guess whether i am sure or not,"

"Hmmmm...i bet it as...ummmhh.." Lona could not guessed

"Just answer it...whatever your answer must be true since woman is always right," said Phillip.

" seeing at the way you look to my yard, I belive that you are truly mean it" Lona chuckled.

Lona opened the door and let Phillip in. A cat and a dog welcomed Phillip and Lona. The cat was immediately act cute by rubbing and meowing at Phillip.

"Hi, pretty," Phillip greeted the cat "Hi beautiful," He continued to greet the dog

"Please have a seat. I will make you a cup of cofee" said Lona

"No, you do not have to make your self difficult," said Phillip

"You need it during the way to your home. I worry that you might be sleepy because it is late at night,"

"But.."Phillip could not finish his sentence as Lona said "Just agree with me. Woman is always right,"

Phillip chuckled "Okay, Woman,"

Lona went to her kitchen and came back to the living room with a cup of cofee for Phillip and a cup of tea for herself.

"You live alone in this big house?" said Phillip

"No.. I live with my parents and a woman who works here,"said Lona. Phillip could clearly understand that 'woman who works here' refers to a maid.

"So...where are they?" ask Phillip as he drank his cofee

"My parents now is out of town for a honeymoon" Lona answered

"And the woman? Why do you have to serve this coffe for me by yourself?"

"It is easy to do and also the woman must be on her dreaming now since it is almost 11 pm. " said Lona

"I guess this is my easy chance to make someone happy by not distrubing their dream. It used to be so hard for making people happy at other chances, right?" Lona continued.

Phillip frowned and stucked with amazement, "Yes, you are right," He just realized that Lona was a kind young woman. No wonder why her sister loves her so much.

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