Chapter 4

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The name sounded stupid, but they meant so much more. They've murdered, abused, cheated, stolen and vandalized. Sure, it's what you'd expect any gang to do, but Bluehoods? They've committed crimes with one thing driving them to do so - revenge. Bluehoods take their revenge very seriously. This would also explain the scar along the side of Mickey's face.

"Damien," I warn him as he reaches towards his back pocket.

He looks down at my worried expression and sighs. "Fine, we'll go the other way around."

The second doors were on the other side of the school. It was a long walk, but hey, I'd rather be late than shot on my way to English. We manage to get through the doors with two minutes to the bell. I hastily grab my things and begin to run to English when the bell rings. I arrive to class, out of breath from running across the building. I quickly open the door, and take a seat near the back of the class, tucking a pencil behind my ear. Mrs. Dakota, who seemed to be in the middle of a lesson, glares right at me.

"You're late again, though, I'm not surprised." She says coldly.

"You're the only woman with a beard, though, I'm not surprised." I reply nonchalantly. Laughter erupts throughout the classroom as Mrs. Dakota immediately reaches to touch her chin.

"Well, Miss Walters, for your rude and highly unnecessary comment, I believe detention may serve you well after school." She gives a sly grin as if she has just won this little 'game' of ours. I roll my eyes and prop my feet up on the desk.



"Hey," I say as I sit next to Rickey. As usual, we met up in the school cafeteria. "Did you guys hear about what happens to Mr. Kindyl's class?"

"Yeah," Mickey says, poking at his maccaroni. "Someone spray painted a dick with his name on it on his classroom door, or something."

"Now who would do such a horrible thing?" Rickey pipes in, sarcastically.

At first, silence - then we all burst out laughing.

"Dude! Seriously?" Damien says to Mickey. "That spray paint has your name written all over it."

"Well, technically it has Kindyl's name," Rickey laughs. Finally, the laughter dies down and we are all calm again.

"Well, me and Rickey are gonna set off some stink bombs in the Vice Principals, after school," Mickey says. "You two wanna join?"

I'm actually surprised he somehow convinced Rickey to join in on one of his schemes. Rickey is usually the mature one of the gang. Mickey, on the other hand, makes up for both, Fred and George.

"Nah, I'm gonna pass." Damien says. "Dan's gonna take me to the Arcade after school."

"Cool," Mick replies. "What 'bout you?" He nods towards me.

"I've got detention again." I say, coolly. I don't actually mind detention, since there were never any teachers monitoring us anyways. We just sit there for half an hour.

"Ah," Mickey says and pulls out a can of spray paint from his jacket. He tosses it to me across the table. "Knock yourself out." He smirks.


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