Chapter Two

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It made me sad, knowing that she wasn't happy. Mum was the one thing I had loved deeply, and stayed with me along with Grace. Mum was so close to me in all the steps of my life. She helped me walk, stayed with me when I was sick, always remembered to encourage me, and help me reach the top, never let me down, and always believed in me.

I felt bad hiding the races thing from her, but I just couldn't tell her. I believed that she would understand, but I never knew if she would be comfortable with it. I understood that I would have to tell her one day, but I just prayed that that day wouldn't come quickly.

" Brianna, " she called, and I looked at her.

" Do you think your father will hate me if I loved another guy? " she asked, as I saw pure sadness in her eyes.

" I am sure he won't. He may get a little jealous, but he will understand. I mean, he loved you deeply, and I believe that he still does, and he sure wants you to find love again, and be happy. Who knows? Maybe he had sent you that guy to make you happy again. " I said, softly. At that point, I felt that I was the mother, and she was my daughter. However, I didn't care.

" Do you think so? " she said, drying a tear that had escaped.

" Positive. Oh, and one more thing, I am sure he doesn't want to see your tears. " I said, and she smiled.

" Thank you, Brianna. I know I should be the one who is comforting you, and not the one who was being comforted. " she said, hugging me. " But I just can't. I have a lot in mind, and I can no longer deal with it alone. "

" I know, mother. I know, baby. I will always be there for you when you need me. I am eighteen now. I am an adult, so you can tell me anything you want. We are besties after all, right? " I said, drying my own tears. These situations had always affected me.

" Yep, " she said, hugging me.

I smiled, and hugged her back. I felt happy actually. My life was quite good actually. I had everything I had ever wanted. A loving family, privacy, friends, and a house. What more could I ask for?


" Brianna, we are on our way. " I read a message, that was sent by Grace.

We had agreed that Tristan, and her would pick me up. I was kind of excited to watch Tristan racing. I started going down the stairs, but saw that mum was down watching TV.

' Shit, ' I thought. ' She will never allow me to go out that late, unless.... '

I grabbed my phone, and then started texting Grace. " I will call you now, tell mum that you want me to come to your house. "

I had waited for few seconds, and then I received a message from her. The message said " Okay, call now. "

I sighed, and then tapped her name in the contacts. I didn't want to lie, but I had to. When dad was with us, I used to go there with him. He knew that I had something for fights, and races. He always understood me, and what I wanted to say. Mum was the same, but her protectiveness started taking the best of her, after my father's death. I missed him a lot.

" Grace, we still have to take mum's permission for me to sleep over. " I said, as I entered the living room, after Grace had replied.

" Brianna, aunt Diana will agree. Just ask her. " I heard Grace say, while giggling.

" Mum, can I sleep over at Grace's house? " I asked mum, praying for her to say yes.

" Brianna, it is so late. I am not sure if it is safe. " said mum.

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