twenty three

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1 month has passed

Diana's pov

I got to admit im still not over the fact that i broke up with Daniel. Mum still don't know about my situation. I don't want her to know because I don't want to add more stress on her. I just want her to be happy. That's all I want. I take out a picture frame from my drawer just right beside my bed. It's a picture of me and Daniel, celebrating his 18th birthday in their house. Indeed, it was a great day and I really miss talking and chatting with them. But.. do they miss me ? the sound of glass shattered into pieces from my living room distracts me. I put the frame aside and slowly walk to my room door. I keep my ear out for the any arguments outside.

'YOU USELESS BITCH I SWEAR TO GOD I MADE A HUGE MISTAKE WHICH IS MARRYING A WOMAN WHO HAS NO LIFE,WHO HAS NOTHING' my hearts beat was feeble and irregular as I hear that. I hold on my tears from falling.

'IM NOT A USELESS,LIFELESS WHAT EVER YOU SAY WOMAN!!! I STILL TAKE CARE OF THIS HOUSE,TAKE CARE OF OUR DAUGHTER NOT LIKE YOU BUSY GOING OUT WITH ALEXA AND GET DRUNK OUT THERE !! LISTEN DAVE! WE'RE NO LONGER 18 TO PARTY AROUND WE'RE GETTING OLDER AND WE HAVE A DAUGHTER SO PLEASE STOP YOUR NONSENSE NOW!!' I can hear how hurtful my mum is right now. I reach for the doorknob and pray really hard nothing bad will happen to both me and my mum because I know dad is drunk right now.

'RUDE BITCH' pushing mum to the sofa. He quickly run to the kitchen. I know he's gonna do something bad to mum. I run quickly to mum.

'MUMMMMM' i yelled and saw blood coming out from arms. That must be the cause of the glass that fell just now.

'MOVE AWAY LIL' GIRL' dad yelled. I saw what he got there,a knife and pull mum off the sofa.


I know mum is out of breathe now but I cant do anything but to take the nearest chair and throw it to my dad.

'hmmmmmmmmmm seems like your daughter is asking for it' he laugh sarcastically as he walk slowly with the knife in his hand.

'mum we have to get out of here please mum lets goooo' I pull her up and we run up to my room. I lock the door quickly, pushing my drawer and literally everything to the door. So that dad wont be able to get in.


I look at mum,shivering in fear. 'mum sshh don't be scared im here..'

Theres only one way. Call the cops. I dial the cops number quickly.

'wh..what are yo..ou doing diana? Pls don't call the cops. If your dad knows,we will be in a very deep trouble pls don't pls' mum whisper,begging me to stop what im doing.

'mum pls' I said,' everything gonna be okay'

Dad jiggled the doorknob noisily. I hug mum tightly and whisper to her ear, 'we will be fine'

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