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Two weeks later

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Katniss POV

Well it has been two weeks since my mum has been here! She only rang me once to say that she is sorry in those two weeks! But now i am getting over the fact that my mum cannot be there but i have Peeta and haymitch and other people in district twelve that are all there for me. You can now see a sligtly small bump but it is only obvious if you look at my belly closer.

Peeta has started coming home from work an hour earlier because he wants to look after me. I tell him that i am fine but probably because it is our first child that i am carrying he can't help feel guilty from being away from me. I also cannot go hunting for longer then i used to because i am becoming more tired the longer i stay out but i can still catch a few rabbits and birds etc.

I was now sat at home eating some strawberries that i had gathered today when i heard a knock at the door thinking it was Peeta forgetting his keys i opened it ready to make fun of him but when i opened the door there was a women there. She had an angry glint in her eyes. I said to her " Can i help you?"

Thats when she replied back in a harsh voice," Are you Katniss everdeen?"

"Yes, why you asking?"

" I am asking because your the reason why my fiance left me 3 weeks ago!"

"What, who's your fiance?"

"Gale" Thats when she slapped me and kicked me in the stomach, then she left! I was in pain but all i could think about was the baby, i don't want to lose it Peeta would be distraught. So i crawled to the phone and rang the doctor in district twelve. I told him about being kicked in the stomach and he said he would be here in two minutes. 

I was sat on the stairs when the doctor knocked at the door. I yelled ,"It's open"

 He came in a saw me on the stairs he then checked me over and gave me the all clear. My baby was fine, just when the doctor was about to leave Peeta walked through the door. when he saw the doctor then me on the couch he rushed to my side, he quickely said out," Are you fine is the baby okay? What Happend?" 

I then told him about what happend and that the doctor said that the baby is fine. He let out a sigh of relief. But then he started feeling guilty that i was left here on my own and that i got attacked so he was going to have a word with Haymitch to see if he could start hanging around me until Peeta came off work. Haymitch has cut down on the drink and has become a nable man now. He actually has started helping people out. 

Alot has changed over the past year and now i have to wait 8 months for it to change even more!

Sorry that i haven't updated in forever wattpad wouldn't let me upload and i have also I have been busy with my family since my grandads death xxxx

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