Chapter One

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" Aubrianna, please. I want to go there," said Grace, for the hundredth time.

" Grace, it is dangerous. Have you forgotten what nearly happened last time?! I nearly went to prison. I mean, look at me, I won't survive in prison," I said, moving my hands up and down.

" Please! Please! Please baby, today is Tristan's race, and I can't go alone. Please!" she begged, with her hands together.

I rolled my eyes, at her, and then said " Go find another one."

" But you are my only friend. I trust you and love you more than any of my friends," she said, as she hugged me, placing a kiss on my cheek.

I rolled my eyes, and said " But it is dangerous."

" You are no fun. Aubrianna, please! It will be so much fun, and you won't regret it, that's a promise," said Grace, begging for me to agree to go to the illegal racing and fighting area.

" I know it is fun, but it is not safe," I said, looking at the ground. I wanted to go. That place meant a lot to me.

" We will come home early, please. Don't be boring! It will be so much fun. Today is Tristan's race, we should at least support him," she said, putting her puppy dog eyes.

Tristan was her boyfriend, and my friend too. He had been Grace's life so far. She loved him dearly. He loved her too, and he always gave her all the love. He even stopped his 'player' ways after she had agreed to be with him. I respected him a lot for that. I always saw him as a player, who would never be a good friend of mine. That was before he stopped, after he had stopped, we grew closer.

" Fine! But after his race we will go," I finally gave in, sighing, praying for God to avoid any problems.

" I am so excited. I will go tell Tristan that we are coming. I can't believe you agreed. I am so happy," she said, as she started jumping around.

She left my room, and went to the living room. Mum wasn't home, so we were free to talk, and do whatever we wanted. Mum knew nothing about that, so we could never talk freely in front of her. I would be grounded if she knew. I always pulled the angelic act in front of her.

I truly loved her, but I had to lie to her about that whole thing. Mum was always overprotective, and knowing that I was in danger most of the times wouldn't help. Specially knowing the reason behind that.

She had lost dad before because of races and fights, and she wasn't ready to lose another person. I tried to stop going to these places, but I couldn't. A part of me belonged there already.

" Brianna, Tristan will pick us up at ten o'clock. Don't be late!" she said, as she entered back the room.

" Don't worry I won't!" I said, with a smile.

" I still can't believe you have agreed. I understand that you have something for the races, and fights, but I never knew you will say yes, even after the previous time," she said, as she sat on the bed next to me.

" Grace, you kind of forced me. Plus, I would never leave my friend go there alone. I will never miss the fun," I said, crossing my legs.

She smiled, and got some cigarettes out of her pocket. I looked at her with a glare, and said " Seriously?! Mum will be here in thirty. The scent will still be there."

" Fine." she said, as she put it back in her pocket.

" We can have it at night." I said, winking.

" Yuppie!" she said, stretching.

" Anyway, what should I wear? I have no idea about what to wear. Care to help?" I said, and a devilish smile pasted on her face.

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