03. For Cat and Country!

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Countries. Something that features in every single fantasy novel. Mostly, they are kingdoms who disagree and start killing off each other's citizens. But do they have to be?

When I started to think about this, I realized I only knew four forms of government:

1. Monarchy

2. Democracy

3. Oligarchy (ruled by aristocratic council)

4. Republic (in the roman model, mix of democracy and oligarchy)

But surely, there have to be different ideas out there?

How should the world be ruled?

Who should rule the world and why?

By the way, it's perfectly okay to answer "me" to the last question ;-)

This is a pretty basic question that is really important when starting to develop a draft for a novel, in my opinion. Since the hero / heroine will be either fighting for or supporting the government in most cases, the kind of government is central to the storyline. And if it's an unconventional kind of government, it will likely be an innovative story.

For example, could one write a story set in a fantasy world ruled by garbage men? It might make sense in a relatively modern setting. After all, they are the ones keeping a place from choking in trash. So why shouldn't they hold enormous power?

Or a country ruled by cats, just because they are so cute? I bet that would be an interesting story... ;)

This is just a random example, but let me know what you think of it, and if you would approve of a fantasy world with an unconventional political structure.

Let me know if your country has (or had at some point in its past / mythical past) an interesting, different form of government.

Also, countries look very different all around the world in regard to geography, and never having left my home country, my geographical knowledge is unfortunately rather limited. I would love to put some more interesting geographical features into my stories, but lack the inspiration.

Is there any particular geographical feature or landmark near where you live? Something that is particularly beautiful, horrendous, massive, miniscule or extraordinary in some other way? I'd love to hear more about your countries and your local area! :)

Lastly, the things I post in this book will be in a pretty random order, and won't have a schedule like my normal books. This is more of a place where I think aloud about writing, and ask for your thoughts in return. Let's be philosophauthorical! ;)

Next time...

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