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Oh and by the way my name is Kali Flowers and I'm 15 years old and I'm a Capricorn ayeeeee and i'm light skinned Puerto Rican/African American I have hazel eyes dimples and my hair is 20 inches black and brown and I'm thick haaaaahhhh😝😝 yep I got a big BOOTY😍but the one thing I hate about it is boys wanna slap like ... Whooo youuuuu???? But anyway i be Swagging out and these biches is jelly and idgaf,My mom left for work its 8:56am in the morning and she left me $150 (I know I've said this already but ayyyyeeeeeeeee😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 ITS GON BE LITTTTT) So i got in my Ferrari (We got three cars a jeep a Ferrari and a mini van but I'm not rich) and drove to the mall and as soon as I got in there I saw a line of girls but I ignored it and went shopping and at rainbow and footlocker at rainbow she got 7 outfits and at footlocker she 6 shoes now she's left with $20 (Damn) it took an hour to shop and then as i come the stairs there was still girls there so I just went in line (Wanted for 8mins then saw a light skin,African American ,and Mexican boy)Wassup do u want a picture or audio graph? I said picture then I wanted to it with the light skin one so we take a picture he was kissing my cheek as his arm was around my shoulder and was smiling and the man gave me my phone back and the picture was perfect so we gave each other a hug than I left....

When I got home my cuzin texted me and said she met the bomb digz I said the who? She said oh girl u don't know them they was at sears mall I said I was there an hour ago and I took a picture with one them who she asked I said he had he had on a Adidas outfit with Adidas shoes KEVIN!!😍U took it with Kevin she said
Oh😂 I said devin is texting me now she says OK I'll leave y'all alone I say Lol OK but their page are Devin_Gordon keviekev danielveda_ she says I say OK thanks

So after we texted I went on Instagram and by the way I have 1.4k followers on Instagram and I got the picture and than posted it on Instagram saying "Himmm soo handsome" and i tagged him 3, secs later my phone started blowing up with comments and likes that's normal for me so I'm good but I got 1m likes that new to me and more ppl started to follow me on insta now I got 1.6k followers then as I went throw the like keviekev liked it and comments "shess sooo sexyy" I blushed so hard and then I got a texts from him saying

Keviekev:Wassup ma😉
Keviekev:U looked cute today
Kaliboujee:Thanks u too
Keviekev:Oh and um are u available tomorrow?
Kaliboujee: Yea I'm available tomorrow
Keviekev:Cool cuz me and the guys are doing rehearsal
Kaliboujee: Oh OK I'll come
Keviekev: Its behind the mall it says bomb digz
Kaliboujee: Oh cool I'll be there
Keviekev:Oh and two other girls r going to there
Kaliboujee: OK
Keviekev: OK ...gn😘
Kaliboujee:Gn kev😊

😋End of the convo😋The next day😉

I got up and got in the shower and got out and put on my sexy ass outfit I love this suit but my butt is bigggg in it

I got up and got in the shower and got out and put on my sexy ass outfit I love this suit but my butt is bigggg in it

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Hahaaahhhaaa but I'm jus chillin rn and then Kev texted me

Keviekev:Hey come at 12:30
Kaliboujee:Bruh its 10:28
Keviekev:Lol..babe ik we gone be late anyway
Keviekev:ohh I'm sorry I didn't mean that I was jus typing to fast
Kaliboujee:Yea ok😒
Kaliboujee:Its okay.. See ya
Keviekev:See ya ma

Two hours passed and I got in my car and drove to the rehears studio to see the boys and two others but idk y I'm so excited to see Kevin ..only him..its a feeling I've never felt before its a feeling that makes feel happy and lovable.

But I'm driving to see Kevin and the boys and yea I can drive I know I'm only 15 but y mom made me get my driving licenses early and back to what I was saying I'm on my way to see them

When I got there ,there was the Mexican boy sitting outside on his phone so I got out the car walk to him and asked where is kevin? Hes in there he says smiling then I went in and Kevin by himself until I said hey Kev He looked up from his phone and smiled and said hey bbygirl and walked on to me and hugged me and I hugged back and then we looked at each other and almost kissed until I heard someone yell my name then I turned around IT WAS MY CUZIN !!!her name is Nya and we both hugged each other tight and we started talking how we couldn't believe one another was here U guys know each other? Kevin asks yea were cuzins I say then I asked u guys know each other yea shes dating devin who's devin ?i asked then the African American boy comes in and say I'm devin then nya turns around said hi baby then he said wassup babe kisses each other shiddd when did this happened two weeks ago devin says as he looks at like he wanna marry her GOALSSSSS I yelled and they started to laugh then kevin comes and put arm around my shoulder and says this bae then u know I had to play along yea my baby I said laying on his shoulder then they said awwwww then went outside and started taking pictures of them together but kevin took my hand took me back to the corner and say "Look I know u don't really dig with me but I'm digging u rn I actually have a crush on u I'm telling u this because I  don't want u to think that I'm a fuck boy cuz I'm not I just wanna be wit u" after he said I jus hugged and said "I love u" idk wat gave me the courage to say that but I really love him he said he loves me too

Damn I'm falling for da kid..💜

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