Chapter 14

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Cade cursed under his breath as lightning split the darkening sky, thunder boomed rolling down the mountains and across the grassy pastures. The knee high grass whipped and swirled as the wind began to blow in earnest. The few trees near by them swayed back and forth creaking and popping threatening to snap at any second. Cold fat rain drops began to beat on the brims of their hats and soaking their clothes in seconds.

Faith began to shiver uncontrollably. Another clap of thunder sent Clover into a panic, trying to rear up but her reins were still tied to Cades saddle. Clover's tugging caused Rusty to sidestep and throw his head back. Quickly, Cade reached down and untied her. Knowing she would either find shelter or go home, he flipped her reins over her head so she wouldn't trip on them and sent her on her way.

"What are you doing?" Faith yelled, and still her voice was barely heard.

Cade turned his head and yelled back. "If I don't let her go, she'll hurt herself even more and possibly us too."

Faith got one last parting look at her beloved Clover before the horse disappeared over a rise. She said a quick prayer that she would find shelter then turned her attention back to their current situation. Without warning Cade turned, ran his arm behind her and brought her around to sit in front of him. He flipped her hat off her head, letting it hang by the string to cover most of her back. He then leaned forward so that Faith's face was pressed against the bare skin at the base of his throat. It wasn't much but it was better than nothing, Cade thought to himself. With one arm around her waist, he turned Rusty towards a line shack he'd discovered on his nightly rounds.

One minute she was behind him and the next, her cold body was pressed to his. Faith only had time for a short squeal as she was jerked from behind him. Then he flipped her hat to cover her back and pressed her against him. The warmth of his body began to slowly seep into hers as she buried her face against him, loving the way his skin felt on her cheek. A scent that was uniquely his, bombarded her mind, causing very unladylike thoughts. She tried to look up and see where they were going but his arm tightened around her waist, keeping her snug against him. A drop of water fell to Cade's neck, without thinking, Faith stuck out her tongue, licking it off his skin. Appalled at what she'd done, Faith quickly put her head back down praying that he hadn't felt her do anything.

Cade had felt her warm tongue lick the water from his neck and it was all he could do not to react. He tried to concentrate on where the line shack was but all he could think about was the way her breasts were pressed against him. The rain and wind were cold, despite the fact that it was mid-summer, but he was not cold. In fact, he felt like he was burning alive. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the line shack came into view.

Cade led Rusty around to the back of the shack, under the lean to and dismounted, then pulled Faith down. The two of them ran around to the front and inside. Like all line shacks, this one had basic necessities. A small stove, a bed, a small table and one chair, and a cupboard with a few cans of food and a couple of pots. What little bit of warmth Faith had gotten from Cade was long gone and she began to shiver again.

"You need to get out of those wet clothes." Cade said as he knelt to start a fire in the small pot belly stove.

"E – Excuse m –me?" She asked wide eyed.

He left the door to the stove open and stood. "I said, you need to get out of those wet clothes." Cade reached around and pulled her hat off, flipping it onto the table, then began to unbutton her blouse. That was when he looked down and realized her shirt was plastered to her and completely see through. His body reacted instantly to hers. Pale green eyes met her slate blue ones, his nostrils flaring slightly. Cade swallowed, hard. "You'll catch your death if you don't. You can cover up with the blanket."

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