Revange Body (Sousuke x reader)

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You and Sousuke dating for 2 years. Sousuke doesn't have time for you and you were getting tired of this. One day, you saw Sousuke with another girl, kissing and say those three words that he say the same thing at you, 'Aishetaru'

"You know what Sousuke, let's break up!!" You yelled at Sousuke. "Good because I really need a girlfriend who is not annoying as you are!!" He yelled back at you. Your eyes was starting to form tears. You take your bag and leave his dorm.

You run as fast as you could then you bumped at Rin ' s chest. "I-I'm sorry" you say as you step back. "(Y-Y/N)?" Rin say. "What happen to you? Where is Sousuke?". "W-we break up..." you say as you wipe your tears. "What? Dammit you Sousuke" he say while gritting his teeth.

"You know what, I want to go home right now. Sorry for bumping at you" you say and bowed at him and start walking. "Wait" Rin say and hold your hand. You turn your head and say, "What?". Rin just blush a bit and say, "W-what about let's go have some dinner before you go home? My treat".

You think about it and smile. "Okayy".
Rin just smile and pull you. You just let him be. 'Maybe...This is not a bad idea', you thought.

~Skip time ~

You and Rin at this restaurant. "So....what did happen?" Rin ask. You just sigh and say, "When I want to hang out with him, he always say that he is busy with his swi-". "Wait....he wasn't busy with swimming pratice, he always dissappear after practice. We try calling him but he didn't even pick up" Rin say.

When you heard those words, your heart breaks more. "R - really?" you ask as your eyes were starting to form tears but you hold back by looking outside. "So, one day, I was walking toward my favourite cafe and found Sousuke and a-a g-g-girl was kissing and he say those three words when he say at me....." you say with a sad tone.

As you look outside, you heard Rin growling and mumbling something. You look at your phone and if was 8:30 pm. "Well Rin, I better get going. I don't want my parents to worry about me" you say. You take your bag and get up and left.

You were walking down the street, full with lights. Suddenly, "(Y/N)!!". You turn around and found Rin, running at you. He stop in front of you and say, "Let me walk you home". You just nod and walk with him.

When you arrive at your house, "Thank Rin..." you say, softly and open the door. You close the door and see Rin is smiling at you. You just close and put your head at the door and you sigh.

~Skip time ~

You wake up and close your alarm. It was 7 am. You open your laptop and watch some video at YouTube. Suddenly, there's a video called 'Revenge Body With Kholè Kardasian'. You were curious and click the video.

The video is about getting a revange body at your family members or friends or fiance or boyfriend. First, you meet Kholè Kardasian, the host of the show and you tell her about your problem and your life at her and also tell her who are getting revange on. Then, she will gave you a coach and to work out on 12 weeks. After 12 weeks, you meet the person of that you plan getting revange and tell them what do you feel after they done horrible things at you.

It was interesting for you. You look at your clock and it was 7:30 am. You went to the bathroom and get ready for you exercise. You wear a sport bra with black yoga tights and make your hair into a messy bun.You open a video and start following Kholè do some exercise.

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