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First entry, January 04, 873 A.E

Father always had reasons to show me off. But that was before. When I was the cute brat who could make his friends tear up with a smile.

It was before a myriad of doctors labored on my body, cleaning out the various drugs forced into it. It was before I turned seventeen.

Yesterday, early in the morning --or late at night for all I knew-- as tears and blood mixed in my mouth, I received the gift I wanted more than anything in the universe: a Raxor razor blade.

An Ancient, an actor named Mario Walter Lippert, said that no one on Earth can hurt you unless you accept it in your own mind. As I lay on the operating table, covered with sterile cloth, dozens of hands fluttering on and inside my body, I was drawn to Lippert and what a bloody idiot he'd been.

But maybe I should give the poor guy a break. He did say: no one on Earth.

End of entry

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