Half blood SNAPE!!!!

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Draco has finished fixing the vanishing cabinet, so I know death eaters will be infultrating the school soon. Harry and my dad left to go retrieve a horcrox of Voldimort. Eadlyn, Hermione, Ron, and I were sitting in the Gryffindor common room waiting for Harry to return.

Eadlyn and I were geting glares from the other Gryffindors and returned them with our own glares scaring them away. "I can't stand this, I'm going to wait for them in the astronamy tower, you guys stay here" I blurt out as the tree gave me a slolem nod.

I turn into a humming bird and speed towards the tower. Turning into an Otter so I'm comftorable as my own patronuss I wait. What feals like forever finally ended my waiting when I spotted Dumbledore and Harry flying back. When they landed ibjumped up and quickly turned back into my human form.

"Harry, Dad, how did it go, are you alright" I said with urgency laying a soft kiss on Harrys cheek and my dads forehead who was lying on the floor with his head in my lap. "What happened, we should bring him to madam promfrey" I said realising how ill my dad was. "He had to drink this potion to get to the horcrox and it made him ill, but we got the horcrox" Harry said as he held it out for me to grab. Taking it in my hands I turned it over and pocketed it.

I heard foot steps coming up the tower and heard Draco's voice. Harry and I hid under the floors looking up to watch the scene as my dad regained his composer and gave Draco a sad smile. "Good evening Draco, what brings you here on this fine spring evening" My dad said calmly. "Who else is here I heard you talking" Draco shouts with a straight face.

"I often talk to my self, have you been talking to yourself lately" My dad said kindly keeping calm. "No I don't, I'm not insane like you" Draco said looking troubled pulling out his wand and pointing it at my dad shakily. "Draco you don't have to do this" My dad said calmly walking closer to Draco. "You dont know what I am, I was chosen" Draco shouted revealing his dark mark.

"I know you gave Katie Bell a cursed necklace in hope she would give it to me, I know you tried to swap out a mead with one laced with poison to give to me, let me help you Draco" My dad said still calm with a little plead. "I dont want your help, I have to do this" Draco shouted still pointing his wand at my dad.

Harry held me close to him giving me comfort as I shook with terror. I tryed so hard to hold back my tears. 'Please Draco dont kill my dad' I thought over and over again to myself. "There are others" My dad said knowingly.

"Yes, I have been mending the vanishing cabinet in the room of requirements all year and led the others here right under your nose" Draco said proudly still aiming his wand at my father.

"It has a twin yes" Albus questioned. "Yes at borden and berks" Draco replies furious. "Draco dont do It, I can help you, I can keep your family safe" My dad offered pleading. I cryed quietly in the crook of Harry's neck as Harry stroked his hand through my hair as comfort.

"You dont understand, I have to do it, he'll kill me and my family" Draco says with waver in his voice and tears in his eyes. "Well fine than ill make it easy for you" my dad said opening his arms to leave Draco an open shot and weakly holding his wand out at his side. "Expelliarmus" Draco shouted easily disarming my father, olmost comically.

At that moment I relized my dads plan. Draco dismarmed him so he now is owner of the elder wand, so if anything happend to my dad, Draco will unowingly own the wand so Voldimort cant truly control the elder wand no matter what happens to my dad. Brilliant, now Harry needs to disarm Draco to gain alegence with the wand and end all this.

Suddenly Bellatrix, came skipping into the tower. "Do it Draco" Bellatrix hissed. "Bella, I guess no introductions needed" my dad said in greeting to Draco's aunt. "Do it Draco kill him" Bellatrix urged Draco. Severus, Lucius, Fenirer Grayback, and Nacrisa arrived behind Bellatrix. Everyone but Snape was urging Draco on. When Snape stepped forward knowing what had to be done and pointed his wand at my dad, my dad pleaded, "please Severus, don't do it."

Snape gave my dad a cold empty glare and said "sorry Albus"  before whispering Arvada Kedevra and forcing my dad over the edged of the astronomy tower plunging to his death. Harry held me back covering my mouth to stifle my scream before pulling me into him. Burrowing into his chest I cried and cried befor Harry wispered "tell me everything" to me.

I nodded and told him my dads plan with the elder wand which he had posesed, and how we need to find the rest of Voldimorts horcroxes and destroy them, Draco's role in all this, and how Harry needs to disarm Draco so he can control the wand so voldimort cant kill him with it.

Harry Ran after Snape while I went to my dads side at the bottem of the tower and cried over hes dead body vholding his cold hand. My hair turned dark blue (color of depression) as salty tears stained my cheeks. Harry returned with a bloody lip saying how Snape was the half blood prince. I stared blankly into Harry's emerald green eyes that held so much warmth and comfort. Fixing Harrys busted lip with a spell I leaned into him as we cried together over my dad.

The death eaters soon left leaving the dark mark in the sky over our heads. The hole school arived and mourned my dad. Minivera cleard the dark mark and put ger wand up in honor of my dad. All the students soon followed along. Harry and I stood up and put our wands up as well. Harry snaked his left hand around my waist to hold me close. I nustled my head into his neck again just to feel his warmth and to feel his strength.

"It'll be ok" Harry cooes to me. I nodd as harry places a soft delicate kiss to my forehead. I wanted nothing more than to lock our lips together and stay there with him. My mum had just passed recently of illness and now my dad was gone too. I knew I still had my weasly aunts and uncles aling with cousins but right now the only comforting thought I had was Harry.

He knows what its like to not have parents and watch who you love die. I comforted Harry when Sirius died and he comforted me when my mum died and now that my dads dead.... The next day we had a funeral for my dad on school grounds before students left for home so everyone could be there. My dad said he wanted to be baried at Hogwarts and so we kept his wish.

On his tombstone I made sure it said, "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light." Of course I inherated Dumbledore manor, both my parents riches, everything my dad owned and gained from my mum in her will. But of course I had no problem handing over the items my dad Left the golden trio in the will to Rufus Scrimgeour.

When I got home, well back to Dumbledore manor which was now mine, I fell asleep with Fwakes and Leo siting above me on my bed frame. The best thing I enharited from my dad was his pheonix Fwakes. I slept peacefully keeping in mind that my dad whould still be watching me and protecting me along side mum up in heven.


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