Bonus Chapter: Aaron's Past And Gang Life *Aaron's POV*

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Aaron's POV

How did I become a gangs chef? Well that's easy, I've always loved cooking. Ever since I was a little boy. I didn't really notice my love for cooking until my divorce.

Yeah, that is right. I have a ex wife. I have to admit, our divorce wasn't just her fault. But it's wasn't just mine either.

She left me, packed up one day while I was at work without a word said. Just a letter on the fridge saying that we are getting a divorce.

Her name was Mary, we were in love when we first met. It's funny because we met at a burger place and the moment I seen her with her friends, I had to ask her out.

Months past and I fell more in love with her every time I seen her. So when I finally got the courage, I asked her to marry me. Soon after I proposed she told me she was two weeks pregnant.

After she told me she was pregnant she started acting different, of course I didn't think much of it. She was pregnant, of course she would get mad and have her times. So I just had to deal with it.

We decided to wait to get married and we'd get married after our baby was born. When are baby girl was born I was so happy. She was beautiful, she looked like both me and Mary.

She had black eyes like her mother but brown hair like me. She was absolutely stunning, I had never been so happy in my life. But after Alisha was born, we got married. After being married, things changed.

Everything changed...

There was no longer love in me and Mary's marriage. She would come home late and I'd be stuck at home with Alisha. I don't know what happened, but it ruined us.

So then she left a few months later, when Alisha was one. It broke my heart, I hated Mary after that. She took Alisha with her and I hated that. Why did she take Alisha when she barely even took care of her? She never even watched her. It still makes me mad every day.

So I looked for them, that was until four years ago. That's when I got a call from my mother, I haven't talked to her in so long at the time. So a call from her...was so unexpected.

I answered and she told me about a child and mother that died in a car crash. When I got this news I went to the hospital that these people were at.

And in fact, it was Mary and Alisha. I quickly went to their hospital room. It broke my heart to see Alisha and Mary in that condition. All scratched up...blood everywhere.

I kept thinking about how I might never see Alisha again. My baby didn't deserve this. When I looked at Mary my heart sunk, I still loved I still love her to this day.

Mary and Alisha...didn't make it out of that hospital alive. That's why I can't stand hospitals...

So that's how I am this gangs chef. I'm happy now, but empty at the same time if that's possible.

"Is hungry. Make me food." David says coming into the kitchen. "Same goes for me!" Daniel says jumping on David's back. "I'm hungry!" Thalia says walking in. "When aren't you?" Noah asks rolling his eyes, Thalia hits him in the head.

With the gang...they make me feel like I'm needed.

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