Chapter 7

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"Daniel I-" I say and then am interrupted by Angelica who walks in and her eyebrows raise, her eyes widening. 

Angelica: "Well, am I interrupting something here?" She asks as she look between the both of us. Daniel and I just gape at her for a moment, the awkward silence becoming almost unbearable.

 I bite my lip and can't help but smile, slowly and teasingly sliding off of his lap but not before I heard him reward my ears with a groan.

I stand and take his hand as he gets up, following behind me as I walk up towards Angelica. "No you're not, we were just...discussing something." I smile innocently and she just looks at me.

Angelica: "Well what ever you guys were talking about must have gotten steamy, though anyways, Jessie and Skylar want you to help them out, well and myself with the decorations and stuff, so come on out." She smirks.

I nod as I slowly slide off of Daniels lap and am rewarded with a low, deep groan. I chuckle softly, grabbing his hand as he slowly gets up, following close behind me and I could guess why. 

The thought that I've made him hard sends delicious chills through out my body. Daniel must have noticed because I stop at the door, he stops behind me, hugging me from behind.

Gently yet slowly pressing his erection against my bottom and I bite my lip hard, blushing a deep crimson red as I tug him out of the room. Daniel chuckles and slowly bursts into a laugh as we walk out of the room into the hallway. 

"Oh, shush, that wasn't funny, you did that on purpose to through me off" I blush and slightly pout.

Daniel: "Well it isn't my fault, you caused it remember?" I can see him grin from the corner of my eyes as I keep tugging him along.

"It was yours to for putting me in your lap in the first place and for earlier as well." I bite my lip and giggle softly as we walk into the living room.

Jessie, Skylar, and Angelica were all in the living room fixing and putting up the decorations and bringing in snacks and beer. I bite my lip, I really didn't want a big party, especially one with people I didn't even know. And strangers knowing where I live is another thing I don't want to happen just because what could come of it and I didn't wanna think about if they managed to get into my house while I wasn't home.

I shake my head a little to clear my head of all the negative things as Skylar walks over, almost reluctantly, looking at the ground as he walked. 

Skylar: "Jessie told me to tell Daniel to go with her to get all the snacks and drinks for the party set up. So if I were you, I'd get ready to head out." He says only keeping his eyes on Daniel. What is his problem? Does he just not like me? Hate me maybe? What is it with this guy?

He nods and I can tell that he's probably wondering the same thing or rather why Jessie wanted Daniel to go with her instead of both of the boys going together, although I wanted just a bit, more time with Daniel.

Sklyar: "Rachael you and I apparently have to put up the decorations and Angelica is in charge of the invitations, so not that you both know what you're doing, let's get going, shall we?" He says, looking at me but not at me at the same time, almost as if he was looking over me as if I wasn't there.

I've had enough of this shit, I don't know who he thinks he is but he's rude and I don't want him in my house if he was going to be this way the entire time. 

"Just what is your problem? You're acting as if I'm hardly here, avoiding me, you wont even look at me nonetheless you have to say my full name as if I'm nothing to you other than-than some...thing. Why is that Sky? Or should I say Skylar?" I say, slightly squeezing Daniels hand and he looks at me with a slightly cautious stare.

Skylar just stares at me, actually me, with a blank, yet confused look and I want to know what he's feeling, what he's thinking right about now. 

Skylar: "I didn't know you felt that way, I...I'm just not good with people honestly and i'm sorry if I had offended you or anything, especially in you house, sorry man. And if you really want me to, I'll call you Rae, if that's alright...?" He looks at me with a soft gaze and it makes my heart slightly skip a beat.

"Y-yeah, sure. Fine. Thank you. And to be honest I do apologize for going off the way I did, I'm slightly bothered easily by little things, I've just been stressing because allot of people are coming and I wont really know them." I sigh and wonder just what exactly I just did, I made him feel bad and I haven't realized that he was being pretty shy towards me maybe even towards Jessie.

Skylar: "So no hard feelings right? And I know how that feels, I mean I know Daniel and the others, I just didn't know you and that was the part that kind of made me that way. A hug for a truce?" He makes a small cute smile and holds open his arms and I look at him, smiling back a bit.

I turn and walk into his direction, walking into his arms, gently hugging him as he wraps his arms back around me and slightly places his head on mine. He was really tall up really close, though before he wouldn't even come in the same room just about. His head slightly lowers slowly as his lips graze my earlobe causing goosebumps all over.

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