A Short Glitch in Reality

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DISCLAIMER: Hello! This story is written for the astounding author, Sparkle123tt. Clarity is her character. I'm just using her in this story. I would highly recommend reading her stuff; it's fantastic! The cover art is done by Sparkle123tt as well. 

A/N: This turned out to be loads longer than I thought it would be. Sometimes the characters just take over the story. I'm also a bit insecure about it, so feedback is appreciated. Thanks and enjoy!

The team watched as Zari whirled off into the sky, ready to defend her world from the oppressive ARGUS of the future.

"I miss her already," Ray said.

"Me too," Amaya agreed. "But she chose to return to her time to defend her people. There is nothing more noble."

The Legends stared for another moment, watching as Zari disappeared from sight.

"Are we done being sentimental?" Mick said. "Because I'd like to get back to the ship."

"Yes, Mick," Sara said shooting him a look. "We're done being sentimental."


The team turned and began walking back to the Waverider.

"Wait," Clarity said, her brow furrowed in concentration. She tucked a stray strand of her rick, brown hair behind her ear. She felt a sharp spark of electricity nearing the team in the distance. It rose above the background hum of electricity that coursed through the futuristic city like blood coursing through the heart. Her unusually bright blue eyes looked up. "Something's coming."

As soon as she had spoken those words, a deafening hum, a blinding light, and a spinning spiral of air surrounded the Legends. They immediately went into battle mode.

Stein and Jax merged and took to the skies, the Atom not far behind them. Amaya activated her totem and Nate steeled up. The thieves activated their guns, and Sara withdrew her batons. Rip pulled out his gun.

Clarity closed her eyes and felt the source of the new entity. It was something electric, hovering just above them. Something landed with a resounding thud next to her, and she snapped her eyes open. Stein and Jax lay sprawled on the ground next to her, completely unconscious.

"Mr. Snart, Mr. Rory!" Rip addressed over the noise. "Take them back to the ship."

The thieves finished shooting at whatever was above them and moved towards the members of Firestorm. They both jumped back as Ray clattered to the ground right in front of them. Unfortunately, neither of them were paying attention to the machine attacking them, and an angry purple blast shot down from above, knocking the two criminals off their feet. They landed a few meters back, knocked out cold.

The team would not last long. Clarity glanced up in an attempt to see what was above her, but it was too bright. She turned to see another purple blast reign down next to Nate and Amaya. Nate jumped in front of Amaya before the blast hit her, sending him flying.

Clarity closed her eyes and concentrated, until she found the source of the electricity. She knew what she was about to do was extremely risky, but the team really didn't have any other options. She focused and then glitched to the machine above.

She appeared to be on the bridge of a small ship. A console with blinking lights of varying colors lay out in front of a window with a view of the suffering Legends. Clarity rushed to the console and placed a hand on it. She felt her way through its systems and easily shut off the weapons system. She opened her eyes and turned around. She gasped before she was hit with a searing hot blast and knocked unconscious.

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