1: When It All Started

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Hi, My name is Kay Smith. There's not much to know about me but one thing that I can assure you is that I absolutely hate K-Pop. But somehow, I can't help it because my only best friends are K-Pop fans and they keep talking endlessly. Sometimes, they would suddenly speak in Korean and taught me the basics. Cut the introduction short. I'm American, 19 years old and has absolutely no interest in K-Pop.

"Kay! Do you want to shop after school?" My best friend, Ace asked as she threaded her arm on mine as we walked to our lockers. I looked up, pretending to think of an answer but then put on a deadpanned face.

"No." I said and opened my locker.

"Oh, come on!" The partly annoying but smart ass, Violet said and grabbed a strand of my hair and played with it.

"No, I'm going to help dad with something later." I partly lied, putting my books in my locker.

"Alright then." The usual quiet one, Candy said. These three are my second family. But they're like my sisters, I'm nothing without them. I had downloaded some songs of this boy group because I kind of like the concept of it, they have powers and have marks on their wrists. I thought it was a cool concept. After school, I was suddenly thinking of the company the boy group was in, SM. It was weird since we had a mall called SM.

After school, I was walking down the street when my wrist started hurting like crazy. I turned to look at it and found it glowing a bright red and like there was a mark forming but it was only minimal. I arrived home and found my sister dancing to another Korean song yet again. That's right, my sister, May is one of them. I had rested on my bed without getting changed because I had no willpower too do so.

I slept through dinner but suddenly woke up when my stomach was grumbling on three in the morning. I went down and searched for something that I could eat. Maybe an apple and a glass of milk would do. I grabbed a glass from the pantry and got milk from the fridge, I poured the milk in the glass and the sight before me shocked me. The milk was floating everywhere and I couldn't comprehend what was happening.

I thought of bringing the liquid back to the glass as I stared at it aimlessly. The milk went back to the carton and then to my glass. This day couldn't get even weirder, can't it? I grabbed an apple from the basket and took a bite. I went to the living room and sat on a red shaped hand chair with my milk beside me. I know that apples and milk don't go together but I was hungry and there was no other food left.

I was still tired and had not had enough energy to stand so I just though about going upstairs and when I opened my eyes, I was already standing in front of my door! I have got to confront dad and mom about this. This day just gets weirder and weirder. Maybe I'm just sleepy? Yeah, maybe I am.


I woke up due to my alarm clock, can't it just turn off? I was surprised as the beeping stopped and I fully opened my eyes. What is happening? Maybe it wasn't a dream? I stood up and got in the shower and turned the it on. After taking a warm shower, I dressed up in my uniform. As I was thinking of going downstairs, I suddenly couldn't because my body was a bit sore. But when I took a step forward, everything flashed right before me and in a blink of an eye, I was already downstairs.

"Oh my god!" My mom screeched, almost dropping her cup of coffee. Her face was evident with shock as she stood in front of me, eyes wide and tensed body.

I grabbed the cup of coffee from her hands and set it down the table, I grabbed a piece of toast and stuck it to my mouth as I grabbed my back pack that was on the floor.

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