twenty two

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Hey girl. Do you wanna go out ? Im so bored here at home. My parents went overseas because of my dad's business whatever blab la bla I don't give a damn about it Ughhh


Hmm yea.


You know what.. im coming over. Stay there !

Diana's pov

I read that text and off my phone. Really Kayla? Im not in the mood to talk to anybody right now.

'honey open your door please honey' Mum beg me from the outside while wrap her hand around the doorknob and turn it from steel into a rag and trying really hard to push the door open.

'honey please if ur not opening it I wil..'

'whatever you want to do, im impartial mum' I raise my voice.

I know mum is worried about me but I just don't want to talk to anybody. I have no mood to talk about my life anymore. It sucks big time. Really.

Kayla's pov

'Knock knock'

'hey kayla..' diana's mum greet me while wiping her tears with a handkerchief.

I look curious and ask, 'whats wrong aunt?

'I know you're the only last hope right now' I can really see the pain in diana's mum but what happen?

'uhm ok let me try to confront me...'I said as I smile to her.

I quickly go up the stairs and knock on diana's room door.

'hey diana??! Are you inside? Its me kayla. Please open the door'

Diana's pov

''hey diana??! Are you inside? Its me kayla. Please open the door' I groan as I heard that.

I have no other choice but to get up from my bed and reach for the doorknob.

'yes madam?' I said sarcastically.

Kayla push me in and quickly close the door.

'whats wrong with you kay???!!!' i push her aside and sit on my bed,covering my whole body with blanket.

'no no what?? You're asking me whats wrong with me? Now whats wrong with you? Whats wrong with your mum?' She bellowed.

'loooook... whatever happens to me or my mum, don't even try to interfere ok?' I yelled, rolling my eyes sharply.



'DIANA!!! I am your bestfriend. Ur like my own sister to me. We share everything to each other. Im only asking whats wrong ? you don't have to yell at me? I have the rights to know about you and your mum's situation! Is it about your dad? Or what? Look ! im not trying to interfere your problems but listen, I am always here for you...please diana...are you having some problems with Daniel?' my tears started to roll down my face as I heard Daniel's name.

'stop right there kay' I sniffs.

'okay its obviously your having problem with tell me why?' kayla moves closer to me.

'idk anymore' i started to cry. And it become worst.

Kayla pull me in and hug me tightly, rubbing my back to confront me. She pulls me off and said 'im here Diana. Tell me when you're ready'

She wipe off my tears with her hand and put her smile on hold and looked ready to cry. I know she's gonna cry with me cause that's what bestfriends are. I pull her in and hug tightly.

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