Chapter Sixty-Nine

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She swallowed a hard lump of nervousness down her throat. "You're not going on any mission without me." Was she crazy? Did she actually think I was about to let her come on this dangerous trip?

My head instantaneously began to shake back and forth, earning myself a look of frustration. "Brooke, there's no way I would ever let you come on this. You're going to stay here, safe and sound, at home."

She huffed, releasing her legs from my waist and arms from around my neck. She dropped to the floor, transforming into a stance of pure attitude. Her arms folded across her chest, placing her weight onto one foot. God, what have I gotten myself into? "I'm coming whether you like it or not."

A snicker was heard from behind us, and I gave Dave a glare as his face displayed a red undertone. "Kitten..." I warned her, not loving where the conversation was going at all. My mind swirled with options of how I can end this argument quickly. Should I tell her she can come and then drive off before she can get in the car? That seemed childish, until I watched Brooke stomp her left foot onto the ground. Clearly, nothing was off the table.

I reached out to hold her face in my hands but she dodged it, holding up a finger. "No, you are not going to convince me not to come with your touches." She pressed her index finger against my chest, pushing me back an inch.

"You look sexy when you're mad." I whispered, leaning my face closer to hers. I knew the only way to end this was to make her forget her dispute in the first place.

"Justin," She rolled her eyes, and in the brief second she wasn't looking at me, I leaned forward and planted my lips onto her cheek, making sure to leave wet, sloppy stains. When I saw that she was caving, I pulled her back into me, holding her close. I felt her sigh and her arms wrapped around my back. I knew she couldn't resist me. "This changes nothing!" She says, muffled by the cloth of my black t-shirt.

I sat down in my tall, black leather chair, pulling Brooke onto it with me. I cuddled her into my lap, the way I knew she loved. "Innocent little kittens like you don't belong on missions." I told her, lightly scratching my nails along the back of her neck.

"Justin, I'm coming whether you like it or not." She gave me a look of pure mischief. "Plus," she breathed, getting deviously close to my lips, "I know you can't say no to me." I gulped as her lips lightly brushed against mine. Why did I ever let myself get so soft?  More importantly, why did I ever let her find out I can't say no to her? Next thing I know, she'll be telling me we're going to couples yoga or some shit like that.

"C'mon, Bieber, let the kitten go." Tyler teased me from his spot across my desk. I glared at him, a growl rumbling in my chest. No one was on my side, as per usual.

"Fine," I agreed, and Brooke cheered. "but you do exactly what I say, no running off, or doing anything stupid, yes sir?" I looked at her with a look of pure authority. If I was forced to bring Brooke along, I was certainly not playing any games.

"Yes sir," She whispered, making my stomach knot and my pants suddenly feel tighter. I shook away my thoughts, trying my hardest to focus solely on the mission ahead. Brooke looked over her shoulder, many of my gang members still staring at us in pure awe. I hardly let them see Brooke, considering she brought out a side of me I wasn't necessarily ready to show to the rougher word. I settled a tough gaze out on some of the eavesdroppers, immediately causing them to turn away and get back to work.

Once I was sure everyone was minding their own business, I slowly rocked Brooke and myself back and forth. "You know I'm only being harsh because if anything happened to you, I'd lose it." I pressed her face into the crook of my neck, just wanting to feel her close to me. I would never let Brooke get hurt, but that promise is one I can only act upon if I have her by my side. If she were to run off and try to save the day - as she usually does - I would go crazy.

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