Chapter Sixty-Nine

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Justin's POV

My entire body shook with rage as my eyes trailed the black dot whizzing around the city. The shucking sound of Tyler continuously loading guns stayed in the background, fuelling my anger. My hand found my own gun, pulling back the slide to hear the satisfying sound.

Tyler glanced up momentarily, "Already, Bieber? We haven't even left the house." He laughed, showing his white teeth, with the occasional gold filler. The rest of my gang still hadn't arrived, maybe I was jumping the gun - no pun intended.

"I just really need to feel his throat between my hands." I hissed out, not being able to control myself. Everything had become so real, and once I got the thought of killing Paul in my head, it overtook my whole body. Tyler didn't reply, he knew better than to. He knew I was in my own head, already living the moment I send that motherfucker to hell.

The door creaked open, Shaun peeking his head into the room. "Hey, man." Shaun gave Tyler a short hug before greeting me, telling me that he was sorry and that he knew we would kill him. Shaun had always felt like everything to do with Paul was his fault, considering he let him in his gang. I immediately told him it wasn't his fault, it was mine, as always. I let myself leave her alone, I let her run away from me, I let it all happen. Shaun was just a minor piece in Paul's game, I was the main target.

I heard Kiera's squeal as she greeted her sister in the next room over. I fought the urge to roll my eyes, even in such a serious moment Kiera still managed to be annoying. Shaun smiled as he heard his girlfriend's laughter, causing my heart to ache and immediately wanted to see my Brooke. As I tried to shake the thoughts of her out of my head, I glared back at the screen. I knew I shouldn't see Brooke in such a state of pure anger, knowing she would calm me down with a simple smile. My mind needed to purely be focused on the mission ahead.

Eventually, my office became quite full as the rest of my gang arrived, and a few of Shaun's most trusted members. They all talked and prepared their weapons, a glint of pure mischief and excitement in their eyes. No one would ever feel the importance of this mission other than myself.

"Justin?" A quiet voice called and my head snapped away from the computer. I saw her head peeking up over the multiple bodies, trying to see where I was.

"Make a path, morons!" I yelled out. I let it slide that they disrespected Brooke considering the speech I had made to them about this mission. I specifically said nothing should distract them whatsoever, so my guess was no one really noticed Brooke even come in.

Once they had all realized Brooke was trying to find me, they scrambled away, looking panicked. My harsh eyes immediately opened wider as I saw Brooke saunter along the path made for her, biting her lip due to shyness. Everyone in the room was looking at her, after all. "Get back to business!" I hissed once Brooke reached me and buried her head into my chest.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, jumping up so I could carry her. I sighed, so much for not going soft before the mission. "What is it, kitten?" She looked away from me, her eyes deceiving her. I knew whatever she was about to say, was not going to be good. "C'mon, how bad can it be?"

"I want to," she bit her lip, tightening her grip around my neck. "I want to come with you."

I gave her a look of pure confusion, "What are you talking about, baby?"

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