(7) Yule Ball

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Just a little heads up, this is a Hogwarts AU!

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(C/n) = Crush's name

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(1st year)

"(L/n), (Y/n)!" Professor McGonagall's voice boomed over the whispers.

You looked up and took a deep breath.

You turned your head at your side to see your first friend at Hogwarts.

Hiro Hamada.

You met him at the train.


You were walking, your bag full of galleons on your back and your wand in your hand.

You walked further, trying to spot an empty compartment. You see today was your first day going to Hogwarts, a school of witchcraft and wizardry or a school for witches and wizards.

Yes, you were a witch, your parents hid this secret until you got your letter saying that you were to school at Hogwarts.

You sighed in triumph, spotting an empty compartment. You slid the glass door open and went inside.

Putting your bag beside you, you plopped down into the seat and sighed.

Suddenly you jumped at a noise. You looked around frantically for the thing that caused the noise and spotted a boy, probably 15 or so, knocking in the glass door softly.

You stood up and opened the door, looking up at the boy.

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