Chapter 1

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Echo's POV

Contestants from all around the world came to this exact spot too particapate in The Savage Games. They didnt come here on there on free will, they were forced too.

A light on the screen beamed up of a hologram person,male however, his face is not visable.

''Hello! Welcome to The Savage Games! My Name Is Damien.'' 

Oh Great. A name with a meaning know as devil. I sighed

'' Now. To get to the point we have brought you all here too see which contestant will particapate in The Savage Games,There will be 32 particapates entering this game to win big, we have decided too break you all up in a group of 8. Lucy, if you may.''

A hideous girl i had never seen before came onto the stage her hair was a mess, she had a mole. Her clothes were so dirty she must've been rolling in the mud with the pigs. Lucy then brought some kind of machine im just gonna call it a terrible lottery suppose with everyones name in the whole world in it. Dont you find it fascinating? Everyone in the whole world!

Lucy then spoke ''Alright. This  ere' is gonna decide ere' fate! A chance of freedom or a chance of death. i will put my hand inside and get a name, if ere' name is called come up to the stage and tell us about ere'' 

Everyone grew silent. who knew she was a heartless bitch. usually the spoke person would be nice tidy and beautiful dont you think? Talk about her bad english as well.

Lucy putted her grubby hand inside and picked from piles of papers with names. She finally grabbed one and picked it up.

''Skylar Jefferson!'' Lucy yelled out. 

The crowd grew silent, some of her friends i believe turned there heads simutanouesly and looked at who i believed was Skylar.She looked around the age of 15.

Skylar seemed too hesitate but she finally walked her way to the stage. she didnt seem comfortable on stage with Lucy, i dont blame her she is very hideous.

''Alright ere'! Skylar and what region did you come from?''

''....I'm from the winter region.'' Skylar said seeminly shy

''Alright ere'! you'll be in Team 1 head to ere' seat over ere'!'' Lucy said '' Alright ere' time for the next contestant.'' Lucy placed her hand again inside and grabbed a paper quickly. 

'' Rachel Thompson!''

A male voice suddenly spoke up '' Dude thats my girlfriend!'' 

''its okay.. i'll survive and win too be back with you hun.'' 

''No.. im going to protect you..  I STEP UP TO THE CHALLENGE!'' 

what the hell... this guy basically wants to volunteer too a whole death match who was this joker? even if he did protect his Rachel only one will survive..

''Alright then.. ere' Rachel and-

'' Mason.'' The Man spoke

''Rachel and Mason come on up.'' Lucy letted out ''Now tell me.. what regions are you guys from?''

''Summer'' Rachel Exclaimed.

''Winter.'' Mason said 

'' Alrighty then take your seats next too Skylar.''

I wasnt listening after that,but a guy protecting his girl knowing one will survive thats just so weird. What if he actually wanted to die too let her win? i dont know how long i was daydreaming. But when i looked up i saw there were Rachel,Skylar,Mason and 3 unknown guys.

Lucy then grabbed another paper. she seemed confused and then she finally said ''D.R?''

A girl came up to the stage. who names there daughter D.R? 

''Alright. what is your region, and if i can ask what does D.R stand for?'' Lucy anixously wanted to know

'' The fall region... it stands for Darkness Ridge.'' Everyone letted out a gasp people from the fall region were quite rare.

she took her seat and what freaked me out she was looking right at me.

Lucy again grabbed a piece of paper '' Alright for the final person for team 1...Echo Lorraine'' 

That froze me in my tracks.. what the fuck just happened?

I knew it right away.. i was chosen for the savage games.. 

i made my way too the stage discreetly hoping not to get attention but it wasnt working. fuck this gig.

'' Ere' reigon?'' Lucy said

blehh it was freaking me out standing next too her... ''I'm from the.. spring region.'' I exclaimed as I went too take my seat and the only seat avaible was next to that Darkness Ridge girl.

After i sat down i didnt care anymore. who gets chosen whos my competion. i dont care. All i knew was i was chosen for these games..

which seemed i was daydreaming again what so ever. This darkness ridge girl steps on my foot hard. 

''What was that for?!'' I said

''.. youre not paying attention.. there already on team 4.. '' D.R said i prefer calling her D.R darkness ridge is longer..

''Much on my mind.'' I letted out.

''...I see.'' 

''Our final person for the last team is.. Alice!'' 

for a minute i thought i saw D.R shocked cause she was staring at this Alice girl. So she doesnt have a last name. theres nothing wrong with that right?

'' What region are you from?'' Lucy said

''.......The Fall Region.'' Alice said and just like that the crowd was shocked, another fall region person? Alice, on the spurr of the moment she took a glance at D.R and went to her team.

''Alright everyone. we will give you only 1 day to prepare yourselves and talk with your team, all teams will be having a cabin. Now off you go!'' Damien announced

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