Pain. That's all I felt right now. My bones were cracking and shifting in ways that weren't even human. I was scared and I was in agony. White hot searing disconfort crept up my petite form. I was sweating and I felt as if I was on fire. My body started shifting into a shape of a dog. Hair grew on my arms and legs. Paws replaced what was originally hands and feet. My head was throbbing. And then it was over.  Everything was over, the suffering, the shifting it was all over. A soft growl left my lips, I felt my human teeth were now sharp canines. I was terrified.

I got up from my current position on the ground. I didn't know what to do, I wasn't prepared for this kind of situation. I don't think anything could have prepared me for what just happened. I couldn't yell for help, because I was the only one in the house. I stayed there, feeling helpless and afraid. I looked around, everything so sharp and I could clearly see everything in details. I kept looking until I came across the window wide open, seeing as to all the doors were locked and I didnt think I was in a great position to be opening doors. My instincts were to just to break the door down, but I went through the window instead. I walked straight into the yard, heading toward the dark trees that lined the perimeter of my yard. Why? I had no idea.

 The forest was dense and a bit foggy, and creepy as hell. I was scared out of my mind, and my father taught me well enough to stay away from the woods. I slowly walked through thick trees but my body was still aching, but I just transfigured into a man-eating monster! This is going to look great on my college resume. What do you like to do for fun? Oh, I like to transform into a mutant dog and chase my tail all day! Yeah, because thats what colleges look for in a future student. 


I jumped when I was brought back to realitly. There's a voice inside my head. Oh god, this is even worst than I thought. I'm going crazy. There was no other explanation, Im probaly too stressed with school....and my mind is just trying to cope. Yeah, thats it. 




The voice kept saying that over and over agian, it surely wasn't helping my head-ache right now. So I obliged. I ran. I ran past dozens of leaves and bushes. I ran, until my paws started hurting, though the adrenaline was still pumping through my viens. And to say it felt amazing was an understatment. Everything was so clear, and perfect. The wind in my.....well... fur was fanastic. I was enjoying myself, and was right to listen to my head. Even if this was all just a dream. I had no idea how long I ran, but the sun was just starting to peak up from the trees. I must have ran for hours, but it felt so good. I slowly started jogging and then I fell into a walk. I felt as if I was alive, really. And then reality collided into me. Im an oversized dog. This is the worst 18th birthday ever.

I stopped walking, the thought finally sinking in.

How did this become such a suckish day and yet so amazing at the same time? I mean just this morning I was a regular girl. My mom gave me birthday panckes like she always did. She dropped me off at school, saying "Your father and I are going somewhere for the rest of the day. Do you think you would be safe in the house all alone?" 

"Yes mom, I'll be fine. This isn't the first time I stayed home alone." I assured her. So, I walked in the building and did all the crap in school I had to do in school. School went on with its regular routines, a few 'Birthday girl' here and a few 'Happy birthday''s there. Other than that it was fine, just like any other day. 

So, how exaclty did I end up....

1. Alone

2. In the forest

3. At like 5 in the morning