Chapter 8: Attacked

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Jennie's Pov

He drove us to the nearest Mall and went straight ahead to the phone shop. I said I would pay it myself but he insisted he would.

He got me a new model phone in which I was surprised when I saw the price. I pleaded him to at least let me pay half but he said something that makes me want to scream. I can't believe I'm crushing on my boyfriend.

Do you know what he said? "My princess deserves the best!" and he winked. Park Chanyeol, my namja chinggu.... winked at me.....

(A/N: Chanyeol loves spoiling people Jennie. Your lucky... kekeke)

After that, he brought me to the Gucci Store! Oh how I love Gucci! I started to pick random fabrics that I know fits me without even looking at the price.

He did the same,except that instead of clothes, picked shoes and accessories.

I ended up with:

1 Floral Button up Bouse: 349 $
1 Sheer Black Fitted Blouse: 679 $

2 printed (Black and White; Pink and Red) Skirts
- BW: 939 $
-PR: 459 $
Black Pleated Skater Skirt: 329 $
Red Flowy Miniskirt: 217 $
Pink Pencil Skirt: 797 $

1 White button up Dress: 430 $

-2 Black Slim Skinny Pants: 279 $
-1 Denim Ripped Jeans: 459 $

In total,it costs 4937 $.

It left my mouth open but I shook it and attempted to pay it with my credit card when Chanyeol beat me to it by using his credit card. The lady immediately swiped it before I could even protest. I looked at Chanyeol in disbelief.

"What?" He asked innocently before placing things for him on the counter.

When we left the store,I nudged him.

"Why are you suddenly treating me to this?" I asked

"I just want you to feel special." He answered.

"It's already enough that you bought me a new phone. You don't have to do this." I said sadly.

"You don't like it?" Chanyeol asked with sadness in his eyes.

"Ani! I mean, look. I'm taking your hard earned money for my materialism..." Suddenly I felt his fingertips tracing my cheeks as he tilted my head so I can meet his eyes.

"Jagiya, I'm doing this all for you. I'm working hard for you. You deserve everything after what had happened to you. I love you Jennie." He said and embraced me into a hug.

"Nado Saranghae Oppa." I replied and as he was about to lean in, a person appeared.

"Yahhh!!!!!!" 'She' shouted and threw a glass bottle at us but due to Chanyeol's quick reflexes,he dodged it in no time.

"Is something wrong?" I asked and I swear I saw smoke coming out of her ears. I noticed that people are crowding around us. Damn this whatever-her-name-is. Such an attention seeker.

"You.. You! It's all your fault!!" She shouted and immediately pounced on me.

"You should have landed on jail! Yet that damn company you work for covered everything up! You should have died when I pushed you to be hit by the Train!" She shouted while she slapped me,punched and yanked my hair. I could feel pain, and when I opened my eyes Chanyeol is trying to get her off me.

It took 7 minutes, 15 people to get her off me. Chanyeol quickly hugged me and hid my face in his chest as I sobbed and choked on my own tears.

The security held that girl whom I don't know why she did that. I could see the girl struggling to break free and escape.

As they held me up to take me to a hospital, I felt something hit my head as I blacked out.

Chanyeol's Pov

Again,I was disappointed at myself. I could not keep my girl safe whenever she's with me. I don't deserve to be her boyfriend. But I could not let go of her. I can't. I'd rather die rather than to lose her. It's funny to think that I had fallen hard on her.  I love her. I love her so damn much! And yet, she's on the familiar bed 3 weeks ago all because of me.

I don't know the deal of the girl but I'm pretty sure it was something deep. She just admitted framing Jennie for that Heroine Scandal and pushing her to be hit with a train.

I don't know how she managed to escape the security to hit Jennie's head before disappearing. If I was the same as before, I would just hand it out to the police. But no, she attacked my girl. She put her in so much pain and suffering that I'll make sure she'll receive punishment 100 times worse!

I called her company and they are here with me now. I told them the situation and YG sajangnim said that this needs to stop. He said that he needs to find that person to give justice for all the pain Jennie had to come through.

I participated in searching for that girl and informed SM I would be taking a break for a week. They saw the news and maybe realized it was serious so they allowed me to do so.

Jennie's Pov

I saw flashing images so fast before my eyes. It was something that was familiar. Everything was shown right into my eyes. The familiar me when I was younger, playing with dolls at our house, playing unto the playground. Me going to school in New Zealand. Me being bullied by Cho Nareun. Wait,what?

The pictures soon turned to videos of how Nareun bullied me. Both physically and emotionally. Bullying was something that was not allowed in our school but she went against it. She was caught and was expelled immediately. I remembered that no school wants to take her in so we just received news on our school that she ended up in home schooling.

She was looked down upon and could not get out of her house unless necessary. For her college,she went back to Korea.

While me,I went back to Korea to audition in YG when I was just 16. I was accepted and I trained hard. Then, Lisa from Thailand came,so did Jisoo and Rosè. The rest was history and I feel myself waking up.

I woke up with a blinding light. I looked over to see my members, Yg-sajangnim and my boyfriend who looked serious and thinking hard. I then scanned the surroundings to see that I'm on the same room I was admitted when I got an amnesia.

I remember everything now. Now I know everything that happened to me was connected.

"Guys?" I said and they looked at me wide eyed.

"Jennie!!" All my members shouted and hugged me tight.

"Yah yah.. I..... can't.....breathe!" I managed to say and they all released me.

"How long was I out?" I asked.

"Only for a day. Luckily the shattered glass didn't cut through your skull. But you have to stay here for a week before you can continue your career. We'll take care of everything. This is too much." Yg-sajangnim said.

"Umm, I remember everything now." I said looking down.

"Everything?" Jisoo asked and I nodded. She then squealed in happiness and hugged me.

"Girls,stay with her. Chanyeol, let's get going." Yg-sajangnim said.

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