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[  07 your point of view ]

a crimson red lollypop ; glistening like fresh blood in the moonlight illumination. and a half consumed cigarette, perched between elegant fingertips.

the two don't seem as though they would work well together. one , a sweet treat that brings smiles to rosy little cheeks , and the other something harmful , used as an escape from reality.

yet somehow he managed to make them seem as though it was a normality , to take a drag , exhale into the darkness , and then pop the candy into his mouth once more.
for a sweet burst of flavour to dull the
chocking feeling residing in his throat.

the sweetness on a stick would drag along his lower lip. making it glisten in the moonlight , highlighting the fullness in a way.

it was a teasing gesture. the way that he looked at me beneath dark lashes , tempting me to just snag away the lolly and drag the sweetness from his mouth with the tip of my tongue.

his thoughts seemed so guarded , yet his intentions were clear. for i know that he craved the taste of my lips as well.

come here. sit

it seemed like a demand as the boy patted the concrete next to him , pushing away his tattered skateboard carelessly so that i could reside next to his warmth.

i obeyed , of course. for an invitation like that could no be upturned.

his brown eyes appeared lighter up close , they had more of a depth to them. like a pool of warmth on his perfect face.

the urge to reach out and trace his stubble littered jaw was only resisted when he offered the lollypop to me , dragging it along my lip as if asking for access.

my heart rested in my throat as i let him pop the sweet treat into my mouth , and then he pulled away.

my hand went to the stick to seem occupied , and it took an immense amount of strength not to just pick away at the white plastic until it was no more.

you're beautiful. what's your
name darl ? ”

his voice was husky , and the nickname made butterflies swarm in my already crowded abdomen , a mouthwatering southern accent, australian , perhaps made my nerves go through the roof.

shakily i told him my name , and he sighed in contentment.


he was close again. so close that i could taste the mint and peach on the tip of my tounge from his breath.

he took the lollypop from my grasp , taking it from my mouth and replacing it with his gentle lips. engulfing me in his security.

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do you pronounce it lollies,
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