Chapter 2

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Zayn's POV

I walked into the kitchen in search of Liam but instead found a very angry looking Louis.

"Whats wrong Lou?"

"Someone. Ate. MY. Carrots..!" He shouted angrily.

"Who ate MY-" Before he could finish his sentence, a very scared looking Niall appeared in the doorway. Louis took one look at Niall then lunged at him,

"HORAN!!!!! HOW DARE YOU EAT MY CARROTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Niall flinched as Louis neared him.

"I'm sorry Lou I was starving." At the last second I stepped in front of Niall,

"No one touches MY Nialler!"

Louis's eyes widened. "YOUR Nialler?"


"I KNEW it!! You two ARE together! Haz!!" Louis shrieked.

Harry entered the room with a puzzled expression on his face. "Yeah Boobear?"

"They ARE together!!!"

I rolled my eyes, "If that's true then you two are engaged." I used the most recent rumor being spread by Larry shippers.

"Touché..." Louis mumbled.

I peeked over at Niall, he was blushing, and he looked adorable. Wait what? No Zayn! He's your best mate! You cant think about him like that.. I pulled myself together just in time to see Louis glaring at Niall again.

"Go get me some more carrots! NOW!" Niall rolled his eyes and grabbed the keys off the counter. He walked towards the door, pausing briefly,

"Coming Zayn?" he questioned.

"Course." I answered, making my way towards him earning a wink from Louis. I glared at him then followed Niall out the door.

We were on our way to the supermarket when "More Than This" came on the radio. We both started singing loud and off key, then Niall's solo came on and I let him sing it alone. He was a great singer. I thought of all of the fans that didn't like Niall and told him things like 'You don't belong in One Direction.' I felt bad for him, he didn't deserve all of the hate that he received, didn't deserve it at all, yet he still got it. I can't understand why though. He is adorable, talented, and a great singer..there I go zoning out again. I was snapped out of my thoughts when the song ended and Niall stopped singing.

Not much more was said as we pulled into the supermarket parking lot. He stepped out shivering and wrapped his arms around himself. I quickly removed my jacket and handed it over to him without even a second thought, receiving a grateful look in return.

"Thanks Zaynie." He smiled, slipping into the jacket and wrapping it tighter around himself. I wasn't paying much attention to him though, I was paying attention to the butterflies I got when he used nicknames like that. I tried to blame the butterflies on something else, anything, but failed. I'm finally coming to terms with it...I'm falling for Niall...

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