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      "You getting the hang of everything so far?" Andie asked pleasantly while Sloane rang someone up. The woman was only buying two shirts so it wasn't too much of a hassle to figure out how to ring her up. Sloane was decent at math so she could easily count back change, even if the register hadn't automatically told her what she owed. Everything was going well so far. Sloane didn't want to jinx it, but she nodded at Andie and politely told the woman she was helping to have a nice day. The two behind the counter watched the customer walk out with her new purchases, bags swinging in her hands.. "You look like you're getting it. There's not a lot to it, really. Since it's a weekday we're a little slow, but things will pick up during weekends. I think you'll be fine."

      Sloane liked working with Andie. She kept the lulls between customers fun and exciting. And it was funny to watch Andie try and convince Helene that September was perfectly late enough to start decorating the store for Halloween. "I love Halloween," Andie had told Sloane with a bright smile. Sloane could deduce this fact as she watched Andie excitedly bring down the box of Halloween decorations when Helene finally relented. She was pulling out ghosts and fake cobwebs and pumpkins, setting them all on the counter behind her. It would look funny to any customer that walked in, but it didn't look like Andie minded. She started decorating the back counter and registers with fake cobwebs. "I love any holiday, really. What's your favorite holiday?"

      That question had made Sloane think. She had never really had a favorite. As a kid it had obviously been Christmas, but that's because every kid was excited to get presents. Sloane knew it would be different this year, the first Christmas without her parents, and that it would taint the fun of waking up Christmas morning. She wasn't sure what traditions Rachel and Brandon had for Christmas morning, but she figured she wouldn't be getting up at five in the morning to drink hot chocolate and watch A Christmas Story with her father until Amy actually got her butt out of bed. There wouldn't be homemade banana nut muffins and her father's infamous Saunders omelette. Sloane shook off the sad, smiling at Andie and answering her question. "My mom's favorite was fourth of July because she loves fireworks and my dad would always grill. My dad's was Saint Patrick's Day even though we aren't Irish. I think he just liked that his mom made corned beef and cabbage." Sloane shrugged and picked at her sweater. "I don't know if I have a favorite. I just like spending time with family."

      "Well I always have a Halloween party. I live a couple of minutes away, and you'd better be there, Saunders. There will be candy and Halloween movies playing. It won't be huge. Big parties aren't my thing. But you can bring someone if you want." Sloane nodded. She was sure Angela and Ben might like going to a Halloween party. Sloane debated on whether or not she had the ability to get them to show up in a couples costume. And Rachel might see her trying ot get out of the house more, which would be a plus. Suddenly the door to the boutique swung open and Andie stood up straight, her customer-service smile ready. "Hi! Welcome to La Beau."

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