Chapter #5:U.A

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"Begin" you hear and at that moment everyone bolted into the city. With you being the last one you put a big smerk on your face and ran forward

The first thing you see is one of those robots get destroyed by some kid with a lazer beam 'Oh so that's how big the robots are' You thought to yourself

"Time freeze" you scream as everyone stopped moving you walked around gather a bunch of robots together.

'Great all i have to do is unfreeze and destroy them at the same time' You thought while pulling a big piece of metal from one of the robots

"Time Unfreeze" you scream while hiting all the robots with the big piece of metal in their heads destroying them instantly.

'About 90 points' you think to yourself satisfied

"BOOM" you hear and turn to where the sound is coming from

"So thats the obstical" you say to yourself while bolting as fast as you could towards the giant 4 point robot.

When you arive you see a girl with brownish hair and two red cheeks you stopped dead In your tracks when you saw Midoriya run up to the robot.

"Are you crazy" you scream at Midoriya

You run after him ready to use your Quirk until you saw Midoriya jump up to the robots head

"W-what" you watched in complete shock as you were looking at what you though was a Quirkless friend takedown a giant robot in one punch while it would take you a while to takedown that.

But you saw Midoriya falling he was too high to see why he was falling.

With your instincts you screamed "Time free-" but were cut off by the same girl Midoriya savedshe slap him and somehow he started to float.

You walked to the girl but stopped when you saw her throwing up rainbows.

After she was done throwing up you finally walked up to her and said "Is he going to be alright"

"Y-Yeah" she said still trying to hold the rainbow throw up.

(What it really looked like in the anime)
"O-Okay" you say backing away so you don't end up geting puke on you especially rainbow puke.

You walk over to Midoriya to see him in a terrible condition you tried to help him

But stopped when an old short lady came out one of the buildings and walked over to Midoriya then her lip extended to Midoriya face and she kissed him.

And to your surprise you see all of your friends wound's were gone in an instant

'Wow' you think to yourself as Midoriya was carried away
'So many Quirks.'

{TIMESKIP}=End Of School

You waited in the nurses office right next to Midoriya's bed until he starts or officially wake up.

You were playing flappy Bird on your phone and died 563

You sigh "Make that 564"

When you hit the respond button Midoriya opend his eyes

"(Y/N)?" Midoriya said confused

"Yeah" you replied still playing Flappy Bird

"Why are you hear" Midoriya said Curiously

"Well One you kinda busted a lot of bones in your body

Two I have questions like what was that power you used to take down the giant robot

Three how many points did you get and did you pass.

Midoriya P.O.V

I opened my eyes and see (Y/N)
and ask "(Y/N)?"

"Yeah" he replied still playing on his phone

"Why are you hear" I asked him curiously

And then he responded with the
Question I was afraid of

What was that power you used to take down the giant robot and how many points did you get and did you pass.

(Y/N) P.O.V

After I asked Midoriya the Questions
His eyes opend like he was scared
Whats wrong you asked him

"Oh nothing sorry spaced out a bit" he said with a fake laugh at the end

"Okay" you responded leaving the situation alone

When you and Midoriya were walking home you told Midoriya
"Listen Midoriya I know that your upset please tell me so I can help you I'm your friend aren't I"

Midoriya gave you a guilty look on his face "Okay but only if you promise not to tell anyone ever"

"Okay I promise"

{TIMESKIP}=After explanation

"And thats how I got my Quirk" Midoriya finished hopeing that you would believe him
'.........' You thought for a minute

"Wow thats amazing Midoriya why are you sad about that"

"Well All might told me to keep it a secret"

"Oh well I guess that makes sense" you say

"Well this is my Stop" Midoriya said

"Okay" you walked of realizing that Midoriya never said how many points he got which made you panic

'What if he only destroyed the big robot to save the girl's life, you thought that would mean that he acttualy has 0 points because of that. "nah" you say to yourself I believe that  Midoriya Chose the right choice

{TIMESKIP}=When the Mail arrives

You walk to your mailbox and see that the card from U.A had arrived to your house you Quickly grabbed it and bolted up to your room you carefully opend it after all you don't to damage what was inside
When you opend it you took a object you stared at it confused untill all Might poped out of the object

Young (Y/N) you showed that even in a tough situation you can always continue you (Y/N) (L/N) with 100 points and Izuku Midoriya with 60 you both pass both pass this is your academia.

Chapter End

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