Fallin' Up ~ 11 {Jaebum FF}

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"When two people really care about each other, they will always look for a way to make it work, no matter how hard it is."

Summary: Being someone's little sister is hard.... especially when you have an older brother who has a best friend you have a huge crush on and you can't do anything about it... But little do you know he has a crush on you as well. What will happen?

Swearing Involved


"Hello..." Jaebum says looking at you Jackson with his hands behind his back and you took one look at Jackson and could see he was happy to see Jaebum at all.

"Jaebum what are you doing here?" Jackson says in disgust and you stood between the two in case of anything.

"Can we please talk.... please?" Jaebum asks looking at Jackson and he just stood there and stared Jaebum down.

You hope this plan works.


Jackson continued to stare down Jaebum and you felt the tension between the two of them... The problem with Jackson is when he gets mad at you, he won't give you the time of day to explain yourself because honestly, it's rare to get him mad. You just hoped that Jackson can remember Jaebum has been his best friend for a long time and they can get over this damn little fight.

"Please?" Jaebum asks and Jackson stares at him without saying a word. You didn't want to interfere as the two talked but Jackson wasn't budging.

You know you shouldn't you get in their problem but you had to fix this problem or Jaebum and you will never be able to be together without Jackson hating his guts.

"Jackson... Go talk to him. You've two been best friends since you two were young... You wouldn't want to ruin your friendship over me... Would you?" You asked him and he looked at you and then at Jaebum. You closely paid attention to Jackson's body language and you could tell you convinced him.

"Fine let's go talk," Jackson gives in and you watched the two walk out of the bowling alley leaving you completely alone.

Please work...


Jaebum's Point of View

As we stepped out, I began to think about how I was going to approach him.. I know he hates me for liking his sister... But can you blame me even seeing her more than just his sister?

"What did you want to talk about?" Jackson asks cutting straight to the point.

"Look... I don't like when we fight. You and I have been best friends since we were young and now that I have feelings for your sister you willing to throw that all away?" I couldn't help but ask Jackson and he didn't look happy when I mentioned his sister.

"Jaebum, you know how protective I am over my sister and I know how you are towards girls. How can you blame me for getting mad at you liking my sister? How will I know you won't hurt her like every other girl you hurt in the past?" Jackson asks and I looked down and then looked back at him. It's my past that fucks me up.

The problem with the past is you can fuck up so much and it will follow you and you will always be known for your mistake no matter how much people say the past doesn't matter. It's straight bullshit.

"I understand where you're coming from... But Y/N is different. When other girls were attracted to me, my intentions were obviously bad but when I'm around Y/N, I think so differently... I want to take her on dates and make her meet my parents, hold her hand, keep her safe and I just never felt like this towards anyone... I know I am not one to be trusted with women but if you give me the chance to prove that I really want a future with Y/N... I would really appreciate it and would like to prove you wrong." Everything I was saying was true.

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