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Hey guys!

As you know, I am a Radish writer! I recently posted a new story called The Blood Crown, and it's up to read! There is also *wait for it...*


If you're following me, you'll see my status updates for my two stories: Twin Troubles and of course, the Blood Crown. Here's the introduction:

The fire...

The burn...

The thirst...

It was all I felt when I woke up. I remembered nothing of what happened after I took my Spawning Pool's car, and fleeing for my life. 

I had come from an abusive home where my makers had starved me to be the smallest size possible, made me compete in every sport imaginable, and beat me if the house wasn't in perfect order, or followed their wishes without complaint. However, the line was crossed when they were trying to marry me off to one of my sperm donors partners at the company. He was at least fifty and ten times more abusive than my own wardens. 

After fleeing the city limits with a bag full of cash to get me by, something jumped in front of my car, sending me into a ditch, slamming the front end into a boulder.

That's all I remembered.

Now, I was on a concrete floor, my throat on fire, and body broken. I hadn't attempted to move because the pain wracking through my body would be unbearable. I told myself I wouldn't scream. It was almost impossible as it was, because my throat was burning so bad. Trying to open my eyes was pointless, since I couldn't see in the dark. It was pitch black down here with no windows or light.

The loud screech of a metal door alerted me, and the scuffing of boots made me nervous. "So, the drama queen wakes." The voice was riddled with venom and sarcasm. My head was yanked up, sending sharp stabs down my spine. I screamed out, the ripping pain was like having the bones broken all over again, and again. "Ah, I missed the screams of slaves..." Thick tears rolled down my cheeks, disobeying my mental willpower. I was dropped back on the ground and something was thrown at my face. "Drink up... You're going to need it...


It's free up to Chapter Three! As of right now, at least. New chapters unlock every 7 days! Just look under Starkillercaz and you'll find it!

Happy reading!

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