Abba Father Help Me Please

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Abba Father Help Me Please , btw this is random stuff we did at school.

Throughout the shadows I am about to face

I pray oh Lord to help me endure

I know that you will never leave me nor forsake me

And for that I thank you oh God of heaven

You have always watched over my every step

And guided me with your loving hand

And for that I praise you oh great Elohim

My worries and my regrets I lay at your feet

And neither do you reject them nor reject me

But welcome me with your loving embrace

And for that I love you oh forgiving Messiah

I have always known that you love me so

But only now do I know that I love you to

And for waiting for me I exalt your name to the highest

Oh Lord of Lord and King of Kings

You forever pour out your love unto me

And for that I know not what to say

But Abba Father exalt your name