Mother Earth

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The emerald fields that nestle the proliferating trees

 Shelter the aerials - the immeasurable cerulean seas

 Kiss the azure heavens at the endless limbo of horizon

 Far above - the zenith - resides the placid ozone -

 Or so i thought - when was it pure, divine, and exquisite

 The glorious days of yore, adack! did we really meet

 Our necessities and our expectations because of this

 Technology - there is a discontentment for we cease

 Not from innovating and emanating such a disease -

 Disease created by us - not contented and not appease -

 Ill-usage of our cognizance, mistreatment of our lore

 Carelessly and abstrusely, a sanctuary we abhorred

 Piles of debris are seen all around this barren world

 Mother Earth's divinity is deflowered forevermore

 Never more - renaissance will never be ours - assailant

 Is what we are to this non-paradigmatic foreign land

 For the unknown - bane is not stagnated and is at hand

 Apocalypse will happen unexpectedly in an instant

 We are the beneficiaries and also the sordid ancilaries

 Lacking aliments for thought, abundant in worries

 Could the restoration be gained now; is the armistice

 Enough to bring forth heavenly peace - at least ?

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