waiit... ED'2 a giirl? (Erisol)

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Eridan Ampora. The troll who most call desperate and clingy. The troll who talks in a wwavvy accent. Who would ever suspect he was hiding something?

A/N: this chapter is only a filler. I will hopefully be updating soon. I really like this idea.


Eridan stared at 'himself' in the mirror. 'He' had finally got the hair gel out and now black waves of hair fell down to 'his' shoulders. A purple tuff of hair fell in 'his' face. Lightning bolt horns protruded from 'his' head and hipster glasses lay on 'his' face.

Now dear readers you may be wondering why the ''. The truth was, Eridan wasn't male, 'he' was a female.

Seahorse dad didn't really like having a daughter so he said to Eridan one day, "I don't approvve of you being a female. start wwearing boys clothing. wwe are highbloods. be proud of it."

Poor Eridan didn't know any better. She had only just grown out of the grub stage. Eridan kept cross dressing. Sweep after sweep went by. Soon Eridan was 6 sweeps old and no one could tell.

Eridan now knew that she shouldn't cross dress, but what would she say to everyone?

'Hey guys, I'vve secretly been a female and just cross dressed as a male for most of my life. Isn't that great? I nevver actually wwas trying to hit to other girls. I just wwanted friends.'

Eridan doubted that team would take it well. Along with that, they were still stuck on the meteor.

It was probably a good thing that she was alone at the moment. Eridan could be a lot more feminine when she was alone. Instead of long striped hipster pants, she wore a striped skirt. Also, Eridan didn't have to make her voice lower.

"Just keep it up," she said to herself. Then the worst thing possible happened. Sollux teleportilized into Eridan's room.

"Hey athhole I wou-" Sollux stared at Eridan with an astonished look.

'Oh shit. I'm screwwed, arn't I?'

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