Sleeping Is Just The Best

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 How You Sleep Together + When You Can't Sleep~

Aoi Valt

Valt loves to be sprawled out a lot.

He liked his space as well.

But, every time he comes over to your house to have a sleepover. He always loves holding you in his arms. It's his favorite thing in the entire world.

Valt would always sleep before you no matter what. You do wanna try and keep him awake but  you just don't have the heart. Anyways, Valt would always wrap his arms around your waist and bring you closer. He would also place his head on top of your head. Inhaling your shampoo scent.


You woke up around 30 minutes after you and Valt fell asleep. You've slept the entire day because you get so tired from school, now you've noticed the side effects from it. You tossed and turned, not worrying if it would wake up Valt because he was a heavy sleeper. 

You sighed after 9 minutes of tossing and turning. You sat up, and looked at Valt. Knowing that you cannot wake him up, you tried to get out of bed but then realized that Valt had his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. 

"Valt may be small, but he's also strong." You joked, laughing to yourself.

"Nice to hear that, (N/n)."

Your eyes widened when you realized Valt was awake. "U-Uh, hello, Valt." You greet. Turning around to his side, seeing his famous smile. "Hello, (N/n)!" He chirps tiredly. "Why aren't you asleep?" He asks. "Can't sleep." You state.

Valt snuggles with you more. To your surprise, he spoons you. You listened to his heartbeat until you fell asleep yourself.


By the way, you're always the little spoon.

But eh.

You don't mind. 

Kurenai Shu

Shu is always a little overprotective for you.

He always falls asleep after you fall asleep. He doesn't like it when he's the first to sleep. It makes him panic because he's scared to lose you.

Getting that edgy stuff outta here.

Shu loves to sleep with you facing him. You personally love it as well. This way, you can hear his heartbeat. It makes you fall asleep faster and easier. 


"Shuuuu-" You whined, shaking your white haired boyfriend. "Wake up-" Shu opened his eye, revealing red beautiful colored eyes.


"I can't sleep."

Shu sighs, bringing you closer. "Why?" He asks. Petting your messy (H/c) hair. You cuddled up more to him as you could faintly hear his heartbeat. 

"I don't know. Maybe too much on my mind." You tried to conclude. "I see." Shu says, but the response came a little late. The two of you talked quietly. Though, Shu's responses came in a little late. But, soon enough, you slowly fell asleep.

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