Tension and new begginings

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Rainbow's parents make their way to the kitchen which is located near the room in which Rainbow And AJ are fooling around in.
Some things come to an end, but is it a negative end or positive end?

Upon the loud Michael Jackson music which bombarded everyone's eardrums, faint giggles and moans are heard from another room.

Rainbow mom squints whilst turning to the kitchen door, suspecting that something is wrong.

"Honey, can you hear that?" She said as she turned to her husband expecting a response.
RD's dad stood there like a rag doll on strings, hardly able to balance his head on his neck as it swayed around carelessly. He was drunk, much to drunk to survive in this situation.

RD's mom walked to the source of the sounds. Still not sure of what was making them.

The sounds became much louder as she made her way to wardrobe, Rainbows and AJ's hide out.

Pulling the door of the wardrobe forward with all her force, she sees the scene just before shouting "what the he-" she covers her eyes and turns away from the awkwardness that flashed right at her pupils.

Rainbow drops to the ground like a victim and AJ covers her exposed body with her hat and flannel. Everyone at this point is blushing like mad.

Rainbow looks up in utter embarrassment "uhh..I-I.." Rainbow stutters as she struggles to find the words to explain herself. Still squatting in the corner half naked she stares at her mother wishing she could just vanish.

AJ wasn't even able to look at Rainbow or her mom, she was rethinking her life staring at the glistening wooden panels on which she stood on.

Rainbow's mom was still shocked "I think I'm going to leave...yes I'm going to leave, definitely!" She said as she rushed out the door.

Applejack and Rainbow stayed still in silence. AJ broke the silence as she finally started rustling her clothes, she was putting her clothes back on, there was no point of continuing now.

Rainbow looked up from her position covering her lips as she was holding in her laughter.

AJ glanced at Rainbow "what's so funny? We just got caught" She said while staring at Rainbow. She soon couldn't take it anymore and Rainbow spread the contagious laughter to AJ.

Next morning

It was 9:45 and Rainbow and AJ were  still cuddled up in bed. They were woken up by the smell of sizzling pancakes downstairs. AJ lifted herself up and stretched her arms in the air.

Rainbow was awake but refused to get out of bed, it was to warm and too cosy.

"Come on, Rainbow, get out of bed" AJ shook her arms persuading her to get up.

Rainbow shot up, her messy morning hair was covering half of her face and her eyes were still closed, her mouth was like a large gaping portal drooling.

AJ thought Rainbow looked cute in the morning, she caressed Rainbow's cheek before giving her a quick peck on the lips. Rainbow opened her eyes and jumped on AJ holding her in a tight hug while rolling around. She soon ended up on top of AJ just nuzzling into her neck.

AJ giggled "I've never seen this side of you Rainbow, you're like a little baby or puppy craving attention" AJ said gently into Rainbows ear while playing with Rainbow's hair.

"Girls, are you coming down for breakfast?!" Rainbows mom yelled from downstairs.

Rainbow got off of AJ "yes, we're coming now!" Rainbow yelled back.

Rainbow started undressing and throwing her clothes on the floor carelessly, her bare tanned skin showing to AJ. AJ blushed at the sight. Even though she saw Rainbow naked many times, her body still made her weak in the knees.

Rainbow turned to AJ "Why are you just sitting there? Get changed"

AJ got up from the bed and started changing her clothes with Rainbow giving quick glances every now and then. „wow, it's crazy how not long ago the only way I could ever see you naked is if I imagined it when we were changing in the school bathrooms for gym and now I actually see you naked all the time"
Rainbow smirked at AJ

AJ finished putting her clothes on and turned around to Rainbow "Y-you imagined me n-naked?" AJ asked with a blush

"Well yeah, I did say I had a crush on you for a long time" Rainbow said

AJ shoved Rainbow playfully and giggled  " you're so filthy...but I love it" AJ grabbed Rainbow by the collar of her shirt and pulled her in for a kiss.

Rainbow's mom started growing impatient "girls, come on the food will get cold!"

AJ let go of Rainbow shirt and broke the kiss "coming!" Rainbow shouted back and grabbed AJs hand pulling her down the stairs of the lake house.

Everyone sat down by the table, the only person missing was Rainbow's dad who had a hangover and was puking in the bathroom.

The atmosphere was awkward, especially after what happened last night. Rainbow hoped her mom didn't remember anything.
„Meh, She probably forgot" Rainbow thought to herself.

Rainbow picked up her orange juice and drank it.

Rainbow's mom awkwardly glanced at both girls and opened her mouth to say something "ahem, so...about that thing yesterda-"

Rainbow choked on her orange juice in shock at her moms question, AJ started patting Rainbow's back to help her out. Rainbow finally got herself together.

Rainbow's mom continued "me and your father are leaving, I have decided that you two need space, especially when you're together"

Rainbow looked at her mom in confusion "wait, that's it? Aren't you mad at me for being a raging homosexual?"

Her mom frowned at the question " I'm not exactly happy about it but I'm not horrid enough to kick you out of the family or love you any less, the problem is...your dad isn't going to take it easy on you"

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