Life back With Juro/ Split Up

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Heather: "So, Mikski."

Mikski: "Yea?"

Heather: "Soooooo you have a jinchuuriki inside you..."

Mikski: "Sooo?"

Juro: "Where are you getting with this?"

Heather: "Never mind..."

Me: "Ok....That was really weird..."

Mikski: "Yea, Sooo Itachifan Doesn't own any Naruto!" 


 My plan was to make Sasuke start trust us .

2 months later….~NYA

“Sasuke-sama.” I said in an questionish voice.  “Yes? Mikski what’s wrong?” he asked nicely. *Yup I got Sasuke to start showing his emotions again XD!*  “Can Juro come out please!?” I asked with huge anime eyes. “Uggg, sure…”  he said smirking as I jumped up and down. 

‘Juro you can come out now Sasuke gave permission.’ I said to him.  ‘Finally I can stretch!’ Juro replied.  Then Juro showed up next to me in his regular form of a ten tailed wolf.  He was blue and a red diamond in the middle of his head.

Juro can control his size.  So right now his small like 2feet tall and 6 feet long.  I then transformed into a snowy wolf cub and we played together.  It was like two dogs playing tag.  Sasuke was outside with Heather watching me with Juro.  “Hey Heather, Mikski is like a little sister.” said Sasuke while smiling

  “I know what you mean.” Said Heather laying her head on Sasuke’s shoulder.  Sasuke had a light ting of pink in his face.

I was playing in the training field.  “Hey Juro!” I yelled over my shoulder. “Yes?” he replied happily.  I stopped and they Juro stopped and sat next to me. “Do you mind playing with me?” I asked looking up at him sadly. 

“Of course not! I love playing with you!” he said making me smile and pounce on him.  “Hey! No fair you distracted me!” he yelled playfully.  

“Hahahahaha!” I laughed jumping off him and towards the middle of the field.  He chased after me happily. 

Three hours later…~NYA

Pov of Heather XD

When Mikski fell asleep in her wolf form Juro fell asleep with his head on her stomach they looked so cute together <3!  I was sitting next to Sasuke on the couch watching tv. 

While Mikski and Juro, was sleeping on the chair next to us.  Sasuke and I were watching a horror movie.  Once the movie was over I fell asleep.

I woke up the next day and Sasuke was holding onto me.  He also was still asleep.  Mikski and Juro were still asleep too.


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