#16. Secret's Light

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Mona woke up, well more like jolted up, a little panicked, to find that she was in her room. She didn't know whether she was dreaming, or if this was real, "Relax pixie, your at home" Brian told her, standing up to go get her a glass of water, then walking back into her room to hand it to her

Silent tears started falling from her eyes, an overwhelming feeling washing over her, "Aye, aye" Brian sat on the bed next to her, "Ain't no need for all that. I told you I got you, that's why I'm here" he hugged her, so she could cry on his shoulder

"How did you find me?" She looked up at him, tears still running down her face. Don't get it wrong, she knew that he would find her eventually, but she didn't think that it would take him over a week to do so

He kissed her forehead, "About a few days after you were taken, I had my people look into where you were, and within a few hours they got a hit" he began telling her, "We knew where you were, but I was trying to flush the nigga that had taken you out" he continued, sighing after seeing the look on her face

She detached herself from his hug, hurt written all over his face, "Pixie wait" Brian tried explaining

Mona closed her eyes, shaking her head, "Wait" she scooted away from Brian a little, "You knew who had me, and you waited this long to come get me?" She whispered yelled, angry at what she'd just heard

Brian tried to hold Mona's hands, as he tried to explain, but she angrily pulled them away from him, "Just lemme finish ait" he said calmly, getting a small headache from dealing with her little tantrum

"Ait so, yes, I used you to flush him out" he said, a look of pain passing over her face, "But, pixie listen, if I was gonna get the motherfucker who took you away from me, I needed to know who the fuck he was, and why he came after you" he got up, running his hands over his head in aggravation

"And after I found out who the fucker was, I took care of him" he looked at her with nothing but anger in his eyes, "You know what's funny?" He began laughing humour-lessly, "He took you, to get DB's attention. Wanted to make some crazy negotiation in exchange for your life. But, what, he didn't expect for you to be, is associated with me, so he was hella scared once he found out who exactly he took" looking like a deranged lunatic

Mona rolled her eyes at him. She didn't care if he had gone mad from her not being around, he should've gotten her back sooner, instead of waiting to find out who had her, "Fuck you Bri. You know you should've saved me when you found out where I was" she told him, wanting nothing more than to strangle his ass

She had turned her body away, giving him her back. She didn't want to hear any of his excuses, "Listen pixie" he scooted closer to her, placing his hand on her shoulder

She looked at it, about ready to shrug it off, but something caught her eyes, "What the fuck?!" She turned, taking his hand in hers, "What's this all about?" Seeing the cuts, and bruises that were on his knuckles

Brian slowly pulled his hands out of hers, "Niks man" he looked away from her. He couldn't face the look on Mona's face
(Nothing man)

"That don't look like no niks to me Bri" Mona practically yelled at Brian

"Aye man" Brian got up from the bed, "dis niks" he nearly raised his voice at her, but the way she looked at him, cocked eyebrow and all, he knew that she wasn't having it
(It's nothing)

She got up off her bed, walking over to her bathroom to get her First Aid Kit, then walking back into her room, "Come here" she called him over to her

He smacked his teeth, but went over to her anyway, "You know you tripping. This is not the first time my knuckles look like this" she took his hand, rolling her eyes at him

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