I truly love you~

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I finally got done with my meeting with Kikuoka. Tomorrow I'm gonna check out a class the creator of the Augma is doing to see if I could get some kind of answers. I hated being kept in the dark like this..

But for today, I wanted to spend time with Shino. She must be feeling lonely right now...

I got on my bike while putting on my helmet and turning it on, then heading to Shino's apartment.

I finally arrived about 20 minutes or so.  I got off my bike after parking it and putting the helmet away in a compartment, then headed into an elevator to reach Shino's apartment.

I knocked on her door and noticed she looked cute today in a green looking tank top and skinny jeans with matching green slippers. She also had her glasses on.

I smiled and wrapped her into my arms as a welcoming hug.

Shino smiled slightly, then let me go and lead the way into her apartment.

She seems to be faking a smile...

"Shino?" She looked into my eyes curiously.

"Yes?" She asks simply. "Are you alright?"

She nods. "I'm fine. Well make your self at home. I'm gonna get the tea going." Shino heads into the kitchen area and I decided to take a look around her apartment. It was bigger than her last one and course safer with a new lock code. I noticed a black desk with a picture of me and her together, her and her mom and grandparents, then one of me, her, Yui and our friends in ALO. 

I smiled at the pictures, but I looked down to see  a small drawer on the right side. I decided to open it and see a small looking diary or journal.

I looked around and noticed Shino was still in the kitchen getting tea ready with some snacks.

I decided to take a peak into her diary and read.

April 2026

Well, Kazuto and I got our Augma headsets. But for some reason Kazuto doesn't look too happy about using one and its bothering me that something is wrong with him and he's not telling me.


Another entry:

I haven't made an entry since I got the Augma...a few days ago, I somehow lost my memories of SAO...but not of GGO or ALO. I haven't forgotten Kazuto or Yui or our friends, but just what happened in SAO...I hate it. I hate not knowing what I can't remember. Like something is just blocking those memories in my head...I can see how it affects Kazuto and it makes me want to cry. This whole thing of losing my memories...I feel so helpless.

My eyes started to tear up. I could feel the pain Shino has been going through...she felt like she has been in this alone the whole time.

But ya know? It's okay. As long as I can remember Kazuto and our love, Yui, and our friends, it's all gonna be okay. I love Kazuto Kirigaya with all my heart and I know things are gonna turn around. My love for him will never change.


Tears started to fall down my cheeks.

Shino came back in the room with a couple of mugs and some cinnamon toast. She looked up and saw that I had her diary in my hands.

{3rd person}

"Its okay if you read that. I don't want to keep anything hidden from you." Shino says as she places the food and tea down on the table.
Kazuto ran to Shino and wrapped his arms tightly around her while knocking her down on her bed.

Shino's eyes widened in surprise as she felt her cheeks heat up.

"Shino...I'm so sorry...I'm sorry..I left you alone in this.." Kazuto muttered with tears coming down his cheeks still. Shino shook her head and gave him a soft smile.

"Its alright." She mutters.

Kazuto leans down to her and presses his lips to hers softly. Shino returned the kiss and locked her arms around his neck deepening their kiss.

Kazuto pulled away to look into Shino's eyes and she pulled him down to rub the back of his head lightly as she continued to smile.

He got up again and smiled.

"I truly love you, Shino." He whispers. He leans down to press his lips to hers again and she brushes the remaining tears from his eyes.

Kazuto was fully determined to get Shino's memories back for her and anyone else who is losing them to the Augma. No more of this.

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