Chapter 15: Lots Of Blushing and The Familiar Princess

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Short Preview: [Y/N] gets to go to the Kou Empire as her cat friends beg the Princes. She was tasked to cook for them and her making of the dish was fabulous!



[Y/N] walk out with her big dish. Everyone look at her and saw food that is weirdly shaped in their perspective. She place the plate of food in the middle of the table that Kouen, Koumei and Judar was sitting. The boys look at the food on the plate and then look at her curiously.

[Y/N] took a seat beside Judar and Koumei and in front of Kouen and say,  "Go on, eat!" She smile and stare at Kouen, waiting for his reaction. Koumei sweatdrop at his brother and the girl. Kouen uses his chopstick and reach out for the kappa maki. (cucumber in the middle with seaweed and rice outside it)

As he pops it in his mouth, Judar quick take ebi (Shrimp on top, rice bottom) and just eats, continue taking in more after finishing. Kouen, in surprise with the new taste, look at
[Y/N] and nod in acknowledgement. The girl smiles and begun digging in, following by Koumei.

Soon the hour pass and it was late at night. [Y/N] bid her good night with a smile to the boys (and unknowingly making them blush) and goes back to the room she was supposed to stay. She was dead tired when she reach her room, it was dark and quiet making her more sleepy as she falls onto her bed and instantly falls asleep.

Little did she know, Judar went to her room as he was bored and not tired yet to find some entertainment by her (..This is safe to say in a innocent way)
however when he saw her asleep silently on the bed, he was going to go annoy Kouen or Koumei instead but he heard a continuous beeping noise.

The sound made him pause and he turns around and walk towards the source. Judar stood cabinet that her jewelries except her necklace and a strange rectangular stuff. The beeping stops was he looks at the stuff. Judar was going to reach for it but was soon stop by the shuffling by [Y/N] on the bed so he turns around and walks out, still curious.

The days passes and [Y/N] continue creating new dishes which was delicious to the boys. Before they know it, they has reached the port. A carriage came and picks them up to go to the castle. Kouen decided to hire [Y/N] as a sort of maid but have freedom.


I'm now standing in front of the castle which was huge as it was in the *cough cough* Manga and anime. A maid lead us into the building and Judar disappearing again to somewhere. The maid leads us into a room and the same maid lead Koumei to his room as Kouen and I walk into the room that looks like a library with lots of books.

I walk behind Kouen to a desk and two chair in front and behind the desk. I sat in front of the chair and Kouen sat behind, and so we discuss about what I am gonna do. It ended when Kouen said that he and Koumei had to go report their presence in the castle to the sick king and queen.

And so, he disappeared, leaving me in the hallway lost. I sigh and walk the opposite direction from Kouen and walk straight with a few turns for... an hour? My leg was aching when the unlucky me found a small garden with a peach tree growing on top of a small mountain.

I hesitantly walk on the grass and towards it and sat down below this tree which have a nice breeze to it. I was about to close my eyes when, "Squeak!" I snapped open my eyes and crawl towards the hush which has the source. I peep a bit when I saw a group of maids with one maid 'accidentally' tripping a princess.

"Oh I'm sorry, Princess~" The maid who trip over the princess say mockingly with others snickering and it turn in to laughing. I feel so furious! How could they! I decide to walk out and shout at the maids. "Hey you," the maids look at me as I walk over to the princess, "What are you all doing!? Mocking a lady!"

The maid with the stinking mouth smirk at me, "Are you the unwanted Princess bodyguard? If you are, you're so stupid! This idiotic princess is from a slut in slums, why would anyone care about her." She laughs along with the other maids. "Why yo-" "What's going on?"

The familiar voice interrupts from behind the maids. The maids froze at the voice while I smile and called out, "Kouen! Oh Koumei is here too!" What I didn't know is that the princess raise her head in surprise that I'm talking to her older brothers. "Sigh. I left for a few moment and you're already causing problems?" Kouen ask as I pout.

I cross my arms and continue pouting, "They started bullying a princess first! I'm just protecting the victim." The maids starts to panic as they start to have a face of horror and frightened. "T-thats not true! W-we were going to do the l-laundry when this unsightful l-lady came out of the bush and push the princess." The other maids nod in agreement, making me mad.

Kouen looks at me and then the maids and the princess who I still don't know the name and spoke, "Should I trust the maids which has been here for a long time," the maids look happy for a second but changed when they heard my role, "Or a very important guest which is a princess of an island."

I froze too with the title and blush. I walk towards him and start softly hitting him, "Don't call me that embrassing title! You baka!"

 I walk towards him and start softly hitting him, "Don't call me that embrassing title! You baka!"

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I pout more and my face was getting redder. Koumei dismiss the maids which quickly scattered while I calm down.

I turn around to see the princess. She looks like... a certain princess... Ah... It's Kougyoku.. And panic a bit but began to remember my objective which is to check if she is fine. "Are you alright?" My left hand reach out for her and she took it. After she stood up, she puts her hands together and hides her face behind the cloth. "Onii-sama." Kouen stare at her and ask her to raise her head. She look at me curiously while I introduce myself to her. I smile at her but my mind was quickly clouded by memories. "____-chan." "[Y/N], are you alright?" I blink as I heard Koumei's voice. I didn't know my face was having a bad facial until Koumei called me. "I'm fine!"

Kouen and Koumei soon excused themselves as Kougyoku stayed with me. She look very nervous as if she wants to ask me something. "What's wrong Kougyoku-chan~" I asked her with a nickname. She blush and frantically stuttered her words. "W-wo-would y-y-y-you like t-t-t-t-to b-be fr-friends...?" I smile brightly at her, "Of Course!" She smiles at me too and starts to bring me to the courtyard and make a flower crown which I join her.

"Wow! [Y/N], you're good at this!" Kougyoku look at the flower crown I made in seconds. I put it on her head as she blush again. "Well... I guess I'm used to this." She looks at me then continue work on hers.

Kougyoku's POV

[Y/N] sound as if she doesn't want to talk about her history of making the flower crown. She looks very sad but still manages to smile back to make sure it's nothing... "hmm hmm~" I look at her in surprise by her humming. "[Y/N], what is that song?" I ask curiously. She looks at me back. "Want to hear it?" She whisper as I nod furiously. [Y/N] laugh at my reaction and ask me to lay down on her lap for better view at the cherry blossom so I did.

She start by humming a tune... that holds sadness.

Flashbacks are always the worst aren't they [Y/N]?

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