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~The One with a Laugh Track

While in their own dorm, Yang was looking out the window with a pair of binoculars, Blake was reading, and Weiss was studying but was getting irritated as Ruby kept hitting the paddle ball in her hand

Weiss: "Ahem... ahem!" Ruby ignores her "AHEM!"

Ruby: "You doing okay, Weiss? You should probably see a doctor about that cough."

Blake: "You know, it would probably just be easier to go study at the library"

Weiss: "Grrr I don't want to go to the library, I want to study here. In my room."

Yang: "It's all of our room"

Weiss: "Yang, what are you even doing?"

She asks finally making all the girls notice what she was doing

Yang: "Oh, well, (Y/n)'s AP class just finished using the fight arena and they're about to end. I think I can see the showers from here."

Weiss: "What? No you can't."

she takes the binoculars and look out the window followed by the other two

Yang: "See? Told you."

Weiss: "Okay... I can see in... Yang you're terrible!"

Yang: "Ha! You're the one still looking!"

This was in fact true

Weiss: "Oh! Someone is coming in!"

Yang: "Who is it? WHO IS IT?" she swipes the binoculars away from her and looked into the showers "(Y/n)!"

Weiss: "What! Give those back!"

Ruby: "No I wanna see! I wanna see!"

The two girls start reaching for the binoculars as Yang held them back with one hand while she was drooling still looking into the binoculars

Yang: "Sorry girls but my binoculars my view!"

Ruby: "Aw c'mon!"

Weiss: "This is so not okay!"

Yang: "Ah how could this get any better?"

The door slams open with Jaune hopping in the room to introduce himself doing a stupid pose

Jaune: "Hell-o, Team RWBY!"

Weiss: "She said better not worse!"

Ruby: "Hey, Jaune!"

Yang: "Sup"

Blake: "Hello"

Weiss: "What do you want?"

Jaune walks up to Weiss in a posh manner

Jaune: "Well..."

Ruby: "Here it comes~!" she quickly said getting in then out of frame

Jaune: "The dance is coming up so I thought I'd stop by and-"

Weiss: "No" she looks away from him

Jaune: "No? But, you don't even know what I was going to ask" he does the same thing in a fake irritation

Weiss: "sigh Okay fine. What were you going to ask?"

Yang: "Weird, where did (Y/n) go?" she continued to look into the showers noticing the 'young' man gone

Jaune: "I was going to ask if I could take you to the dan-"

Before he could finish his sentence he was tackled to a fully clothed (Y/n) with his hair still noticeably wet. He stood up pulling Jaune with him by the collar

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