Chapter 3

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Kzauichi got up and walked back to his seat, and sat back down. The Mechanic buried his face in his benie, to hide his blush from being touched by the breeder. The Princess giggled to lighten up the mood, and at her best friend being embarrassed. The Mechanic fliped off the Princess knowing the second reason why she was giggling. He was also greatful that she was trying to lighten up the mood.

After calss the lunch bell rang, and class 77-B walked out of the classroom. They met up with class 77-A, and the group of kids walked to the cafeteria, with the new kids in the back. Makoto Naegi the Ultimate Lucky Student, was the new kid in class 77-A.

Kazuichi and Sonia went to the back of the group, and pulled Gundham to the front of the group where they were. Sayaka Mizono, the Ultimate Pop Idol did the same with Makoto, since they went to the same middle school together for three years.

The breeder felt uncomfortable in the front of the group. The Mechanic and Princess saw this, and interlocked arms to make the breeder feel safe. The breeder looked at his two friends and saw them smiling, and he started to smile as well.

The group got to the cafeteria and waited in line. The Breeder looked over at the other line and saw the lower grade kids. The breeder only looked at one of the classes from the lower grade. He looked over the kids in the class reciting their Ultimate Talents.

"HEY AKANE!" one of the girls form the from the lower grade shouted. Miu Iruma, the Ultimate Inverter. She is a lewd, and rude person. Akane looked at the girl and waved to her.

Gundham's attention shifted to a short man with a chain around his ankle, and a woman that looked like a maid were talking . Ryoma Hoshi, the Ultimate tennis Pro, and Kirumi Tojo, the Ultimate Maid.

Gundham got his lunch and sat between Sonia and Kazuichi." Okay who wants to play.... Truth or Dare?" Aoi Asihena, the Ultimate Swimming Pro asked the table. Everyone agreed to play it." Okay I'll start hmmm." Aoi said looking at her classmates, and class 77-B on the other side of the table." Ibuki!"" Oh yay Ibuki got picked." Ibuki Mioda, the Ultimate Musician said in excitement.

"So Ibuki truth or dare?" The swimer asked the Musician."Uuummmm truth!" Ibuki answered." You are Kazuichi's stepsister aren't you Ibuki!" Aoi said standing up, confident that she's right." Well looked like the jigg is up bro." Ibuki said, in a defeated sigh." Yeah were step siblings, her dad married my mom." Kazuichi awnserd for his sister. The swimer threw her hands in the air." I KNEW IT!" She screamed." Asihena no yelling." The Ultimate Moral Compass, Kiyotaka Ishimaru, said glaring at the swimer.

"Oh heheh sorry Taka." Aoi apologized, and sat back down. The boy next to Taka, wrapped his arm around him, and pulled Taka close to his chest." Hey Ishi don't be so strick all the time, Aoi was just excited no harm in that." The Ultimate Biker Gang Leader, Mondo Owada said. Taka blushed a bit then shot right back straight up from his realization of were his head was located.

" PDA Owada!"Taka said in a loud wisper, blushing." What I can't hug my bro?" The Biker said confused." And are you getting a fever your face is red?" He asked Taka, kissing his forehead to read his temperature." I-Im fine, really." Taka said pushing the Biker back a bit. Mondo was about to speak when Akane interrupted them." Oh my god! One of you.. Make a move already!" The Gymnast said in annoyance and impatiently." Oh you're one to talk Owari!" The Biker said." Oh yeah whar do you mean by that?"" When are you going to make YOUR, move on Nek- a scertan someone." Mondo said catching himself not to say Akane's crush out loud.

The Ultimate Team Manager, Nekumaru Nedi looked over at the girl sitting next to him." Ibuki just pick someone." Akane said, looking at the floor." Hmmmmmmmm." Ibuki looked around at group. The Musician's sight landed on Akane. S small grin crepted upon the Musician's face, and she looked at her stepbrother. The Machine caught on, and the same grin that was on his twin stepsister's face, was now on his.

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