Chapter 3: Jedi Temple

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"What do you mean he is a Sith Lord?" asked Lana, "Just like I said, the Republic is under the control of a Dark Lord of the Sith" said Noòx, "This is worrying. Is there a way we could persuade him into joining us?" said Lana, "Lana, you know how the Sith work, he has control of the Republic, do you think he would suddenly give up his power" said Noòx, as Lana then put her hand on her chin to think before she said "No, he would rather die then give up his power". "Exactly" said Noòx, "But, was he the disturbance you felt?" asked Lana, "He was a part of it, but I feel that it is coming from somewhere else on this planet" said Noòx, "The most obvious place with force sensitives would be the Jedi Temple, from what I can find here is that it is on the exact same spot it was during the Sacking of Coruscant thousands of years ago" said Lana while typing things into the console next to here. "Then I'll go there" said Noòx, "Please be careful, they have strong defenses, you might want to try and get the schematics from the system" said Lana, "And where would I have to go to get these schematics?" asked Noòx, "I am not sure, but from what I can find I suggest that you should try the roof" said Lana, "Then I'll do that, thank you Lana" said Noòx as he was about to hang up but Lana stopped him. "Before you go, be careful. I don't want to lose you" said Lana, with a concerning voice, "I will Lana, and you know I would never leave you alone" said Noòx as he then hung up. Noòx then left the room and went back into the hallway. As Noòx was making his way back to his speeder he noticed that the hallways were busier now. Without paying much attention Noòx bumped into someone, presumably a senator. It was a human woman, her hair all nice and elegant, and a dress that just screamed politician. As the Senator fell to the ground Noòx stood over her and watched her drop a datapad. Without saying a word Noòx grabbed the datapad, helped the Senator up her feet and left before the Senator could say a thing. Luckily, Noòx didn't attract too much attention after bumping into the Senator, but he sensed something, traces of the power he was pulled towards. As Noòx left the building and walked towards the speeder he saw the same group of guards he had met earlier stop another person, not paying any attention to him. He then got onto his speeder and headed off.

Later that night...
Night had fallen, Noòx had waited until the time was right. During the night the guards would be fewer than during the day. Noòx stood there, in front of the Jedi Temple, hidden in his cloak and standing at the right distance, drawing no attention. He saw the Temple and it's so called glory. He felt an old flame being rekindled, his hate for the Jedi. Yet he knew that the destruction of the Jedi would not be his goal, not his ultimate goal at least. He continued to wait in the darkness. Even though Coruscant had many lights it didn't illuminate most of this area, perfect for a stealth mission. Then all of a sudden, he began to move at rapid speed. His feet were moving as fast as light, his cloak blowing behind him in the wind, his hood still up and covering his face while moving though the darkness. With every step he was brought closer and closer to the Temple until he reached the point where the chance of being spotted increased significantly. Noòx tried his best to keep to the shadows as he was heading towards the walls of the Temple, while avoiding any guards and other forms of security. Suddenly a guard came around the corner, Noòx had to act quickly and looked around. He then found a hiding spot and in mere seconds he was there before the guard was able to spot him. As soon as the guard was out of hearing range Noòx emerged from his hiding spot. Before him stood the tall and steep wall of the Jedi Temple. As Noòx sighed because he had to climb all the the way up to the roof, which was at least 150 meters up, if not more. Noòx grabbed something of his belt, it was a grappling hook. As Noòx began to prepare to shoot out the grappling hook from its container, he tried to find a spot for the hook to rest. After carefully looking he found a small platform which he could use. It was about halfway to the top, just enough for the grappling hook to reach it. Noòx then carefully aimed towards the platform and shot out the grappling hook. With very high speed the hook reached the platform and sunk its hooks into the stone floor of the platform. As Noòx tugged on the rope a few times he concluded that it would be strong enough to hold him. Noòx then attached himself to the rope, minimizing the chance of falling, and slowly began to climb. While he was climbing Noòx did his best to not trigger any alarms. Finally, after a long climb Noòx had reached the platform. He did not know how long it had taken him to climb all the way to the platform, but it did not matter to him. Noòx grabbed the grappling hook and slowly began to reel it back into its container. It did not take long before Noòx was ready to once again shoot out the grappling hook. This time Noòx aimed for the roof of the temple. This time Noòx took his time to aim properly, as the chance of a guard spotting him here was almost zero. Noòx then once again fired the grappling hook up into the air. And it reached the top quickly, sinking its hooks into the edge of the roof. After checking once more if the rope was safe, Noòx began to climb once more. And slowly but surely he got closer to his goal. He then reached the roof. As his hands grabbed the edge he began to pull himself up and over the edge. He had now finally reached the roof. Noòx felt tired, "How long did it take me, an hour? Two?" He thought to himself. After laying on the roof for a few minutes Noòx stood up and looked around him. What he saw wasn't as pretty as the walls of the temple, it was a bit more mechanical here. While it still held the distinct building style of the Jedi, you could see things such as ventilation shafts and maintenance hatches. Noòx also saw a door that lead into the Jedi Temple. While Noòx had the opportunity to get into the temple it would not benefit him in the slightest. He needed to find a location inside the temple where he could plot his plans. Noòx then walked towards one of the maintenance hatches and pulled it off, it revealed things such as wires, panels and most importantly a computer interface. Noòx knew this was where he would find the blueprints to the temple. He then reached into his cloak and grabbed something. As it came into the light of the night sky it was revealed to be a data spike. As Noòx plugged the scomp link part of the data spike inside the computer interface it slowly began to turn and insert itself into the system. All of a sudden the door opened. Noòx quickly hid in the shadow of the maintenance hatch. After making sure he hadn't been spotted, he peeked around the corner and saw two Jedi. One of them was a human male, with blonde-brown hair and dressed in dark robes, despite being a Jedi. This intrigued Noòx. The other, was a young Togruta girl, no more than a padawan. Noòx couldn't help but smile as the padawan reminded him of someone. "But master, you always disobey the councils orders, so why do I have to obey them?" asked the padawan. "Because you are still a padawan Ahsoka, when you're a Jedi Knight you'll be old and wise enough to know what's best, for now however you must obey the council" said the Master. "But..." said the padawan, but the master interrupted her. "No buts Ahsoka, I have had enough of this, you will obey the council and..." said the master. Then there was a loud bang, close behind Noòx and both the Jedi looked towards his direction. Noòx then put his hand on his lightsaber, just to be sure. "Blast it, if they come over here and see me things will escalate too quickly" thought Noòx. The master then walked over to the maintenance hatch. "What is it master?" asked the padawan, by then Noòx and the Jedi were so close to each other, one wrong move and he would be seen. Noòx was afraid, not because of the Jedi, but afraid of the plan being ruined. The master then kneeled and grabbed something off the floor, and put it on the maintenance panel. "It's nothing, just the hatch falling of the panel, might need to have someone take a look at it" said the master as he walked back to his padawan. Shortly after the two went back inside and the door shut behind them. That's when Noòx let out a deep sigh, he felt relieved. But he had to act quickly before anyone else could possibly spot him. He went back to the maintenance panel and saw that the hatch was on it once more. Noòx removed it again, easier than before, and took out the data spike. He moved fast, his steps were light once more, until he reached the edge. As he looked down the 85 degree walls of the temple, he saw how high it truly was. A light breeze came through, his cloak waved in the wind as he stood there. Then, he jumped without a second thought. In but a moment he went from standing on the roof, to falling towards the ground head first. It came closer and closer. When he had almost reached the ground, he turned in mid-air. He focuses the power of the force on the lower part of his body, slowing down his descend every so slightly. Then he hit the ground. As his leather boots made a strange sound when he hit the floor, he felt the shock in his feet. But only a shock, no pain. He then once again dashed, this time back towards the darkness, and back to his ship.

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