"Seriously does anyone need to eat kale at every meal?"

I looked from Michelle, to Cathy and finally at Val and felt a little misty eyed. These girls were supporting me unconditionally. Cathy was obliged to after all she was family but Val and Michelle had no obligation to me. Hell, I was getting my freak on with Michelle's almost ex-husband and here she was fulfilling that unwritten law of female friendships by hating on my very much ex-husband's new girlfriend.

Yes I see the hypocrisy but Michelle wasn't dealing with Brian and me posting pictures of ourselves on Instagram doing yoga at sunrise and tagged with things like #nolovelikethis and #mindbodyheart and my personal favourite #betterwithyou.

"Thank you," I said to Michelle.

"For what?" she dunked a corn chip into salsa and crunched into it.

"For not being a bitch about me and Brian which, just to be absolutely clear with you, you would be completely justified in being."

I took in the scene. Open containers of dips and salsa covered the kitchen island along with a platter of cheese, crackers and carrot sticks. A bowl of corn chips stood beside a bottle of wine that would have been better off in the fridge. Screw it these girls deserved, nay needed, for me to join them in a wine or two.

"Pass the Pinot Grigio," I said to Cathy. She handed it to me with a grin and the three of them gave a mini-cheer. "Stop it you bitches, you're making me emotional!"

I splashed wine into my glass and took a sip feeling fuzzy and warm inside with the pleasure of female companionship and steadfastly ignoring the stabs of guilt over the fact that Michelle knew more about my shitty breakup than Brian did.

Trying to convince myself that the details weren't exactly secret, they'd played out across social media for anyone who wanted to look to see, didn't exactly make me feel any better. I knew damn well Brian hadn't delved into my social media. Why would he? I'd shown him any pictures he wanted to see and even if he had looked and delved a little deeper it would take some major league creeping for him to go back far enough to when Eli and I were together and everything fell apart.

We'd retired to the sofas in the family room, chips and wine in hand when the doorbell rang announcing the arrival of Meghan, Zacky's wife. Cathy hadn't met Meghan before but had no objections when Val had messaged her and invited her over. Apparently the boys were in the studio recording or rehearsing, I didn't really take that much notice, or more likely according to Val and Michelle, they were drinking beer, playing video games and maybe every once in a while picking up a guitar. In other words they'd retreated to the musician's version of a man cave for some male bonding. I wasn't entirely sure why, they seemed to bond plenty the night before so maybe they were just hiding to nurse their hangovers in peace.

Meghan had an adorable little boy with her and she looked around expectantly, "Hey, where are the kids?" she asked.

"With my folks, Matt's going to pick them up and bring them here when he's done," Val said.

"Well that's good, I heard there's a new goddess in town. I wouldn't want those Sander's boys to get too much of a head start. Would I now baby?" she pressed a kiss to her squirming son's head before setting him down on the floor where he bolted in the direction of the toy box in the corner.

"Are you sure about that? Brian's convinced that Harper is a potential star of 'Silence of the Lambs – the New Generation' and I don't mean as the next Clarice Starling," I laughed.

Meghan's eyes opened wide and her mouth opened just a little. What the hell was wrong with her? Surely she wasn't offended that I'd just referred to my cousin's child as a future serial killer? Her eyes flicked back and forth between me and Michelle. Ah ha. Mystery solved. I'd said the B word.

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