It's not what you think! >.<

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Tao's POV


"Huang ZiTao!" I turned around and saw my best friend from China, Zhang YiXing!

"Lay-ge! What are you doing here?" He walked up to me and we both hugged each other tightly. I feel like I know why he followed me. Back in China people would bully him. >.< Lay is cute! Which made me wonder why they did such a thing.

"You left me! I couldn't stand all of it so I moved here!" I looked behind and saw luggage.

"Where are you living?"

"With you of course!" I smiled. Oh.. But Kris-ge, what will he think about this?

Kris's POV


I was walking towards Tao when I heard some kid yell his name. I've never seen the guy before. I moved closer to hear their convo. Seems like they were really close back in China. Good thing I know Chinese.

I was listening, the 'Lay' guy said he was going to move in with Tao! Tao seemed happy, but not me. -.-

"Panda." I walked to him as Tao turned around. "Kris-ge!" Tao ran to me and hugged me.

"Where were you? You're almost late!" I chuckled. I took out my hand from behind holding a bag.

"I bought donuts and coffee.. But only for 2, not for 3.." The 'Lay' guy jerked his head up.

"Not like you knew I was coming. I already ate... Oh! I'm Zhang YiXing but you can call me Lay!^^"

Whoa, he's almost cuter then Tao, ALMOST.

"I'm Wu YiFan, but I prefer to be called Kris."

"You're Chinese?" I nodded my head. He clapped his hands. "Perfect! You guys can teach me Korean better!" Me and Tao both nodded our heads.

I didn't mind this new guy. He seems cool.

"Well, here's your donut and coffee. I'll be going." Tao nodded his head. "Bye!^^" Both Tao and Lay said cutely. I chuckled.

No One's POV


As Kris was heading to his first hour, Lay and Tao were talking. "And when yo-"

"Tao." Lay interrupted. He was serious.


"I want you to go on a date with me."


"No, Tao... Not as friends. I really like you."

Tao was taken aback.

"I'm not.. I don't like you like that Lay.."

"Is it Kris?"

Tao gasped. "No! No.. No?" That was something Tao was thinking deeply of. Does he like Kris?

"I have to go now. Where's your first hour?"

"Dance." Tao gave the directions to Lay, and while doing so, he was thinking if he really does have feelings for Kris. He walked into class the second the bell rang.

"You okay?" Kris asked as Tao took his seat.

"Yeah, why?" Kris stared at Tao deeply, Tao felt uncomfortable.

"No.. Reason."

Class finished and Tao immediately ran out of class. Kris chased out after Tao. "Tao!" Tao ignored Kris.

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