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  "Where have you taken me?" I looked around the dark room that we somehow landed in. I wasn't sure what kind of magic this woman possessed but I knew we were in a different world. The walls reminded me of an old castle that should have long been crumbled to the floor but somehow survived. The walls were cracked in various places looking like a spider web. Even the air seemed different. It was colder and crisper than usual.

There was torches lining the room giving off a faint of light.

"Impatient as ever. You will find out soon enough," she smiled.

I allowed myself to study her more as we walked through the many halls and rooms. She looked to be about twenty or maybe even twenty one. Her blonde almost white hair flowed down her back in loose curls and she walked with an air of confidence.

I knew I should fear her but something in me didn't. I kept flashing back to my dream of Selene and wondering if this woman was Max's mate.

She suddenly stopped and laid her hand on a door as it lit up around her hand like a sort of code or something the door slowly cracked open. She pulled me into an elevator and I let out a growl.

"I'm pregnant you know," I said.

She stared momentarily at my stomach and for a moment I thought I saw a smile on her face but it was quickly gone, "Your arm isn't,"

The elevator began to move and my stomach flip-flopped at the sudden movement. It was faster than any elevator I'd ever been in.  It zoomed up what seemed like a hundred or so floors before stopping. I held my breath as the doors opened not sure what to expect.

Here I was in a castle-like place with freaking elevators for fuck's sake. I was either going insane or I was close to it.

"How many levels does this place have?" I asked her

She ignored me as she spoke to what looked like a guardsman at another door.

"I need a place to put our prisoner," she sneered

"So this is pregnant she-wolf," he peered around at me and smiled revealing his pointed teeth.

Great a vampire. Like this doesn't get any better. I reached out to try to contact Derek but each time I tried my head throbbed. I winced in pain and tried to push harder on my mental connection.

"It's no use. Your little lover boy can't find you here," she laughed.

I panicked mentally slapping myself for thinking there was some good in this girl. I had no idea what Selene was thinking but I didn't want to stick around long enough to think.

"Oh and your little wolf won't be of use here either," she added before turning back around to the vampire once more.

"It sounds to me like she's powerless. Put her in one of the spare rooms until he returns," he said.

"She is but the Alpha isn't," she snatched the keys from him before grabbing me hard by my arm again and pulling me to the elevator. 

Not this time though. I yanked her arm off of me, "Don't ever put your hands on me again," 

Once again my stomach turned inside out as we descended downwards in the elevator. Except when the doors opened this time there was no mistaking where we were. It was a dungeon.

My head hurt as I woke up on the cold floor. A small torch light burned in a distance giving off the only light in this dark smelly place. The smell of death and vomit filled the room making me gag.As I stood up I noticed a small gash that didn't heal on my right arm. 

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